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Bannerlord Nickname: Nyenna
 Location (Country): Germany
I am able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate in chat and voice: Of course.

 Preferred Class: Infantry

I am applying for the following position: Modding Assistant, Recruit
I understand the responsibilities associated with the position I apply for: Obviously.

 I agree to check the forums regularly once the clan's activity begins: Always.
 I agree to regularly use our Ts3 server once the clan's activity begins: Yes.
I agree to remain active in the clan once the activity begins: Of course.
 I agree to not be part of any other Bannerlord clan: I hereby pledge my allegiance to PSI.

 I understand that the clan's activity will not begin until Bannerlord is released: I understand.

Anything relevant you want to add: I'm not looking to play the game as much as modding it, so I would like to apply to be a modding assistant for your community. I wouldn't mind being a member in the clan also - one ought to play the game one is modifying, but I will definitely not be as active playing the game as I will be modding it. I'd like to support PSISPHERE and would thus like to offer my programming knowledge to help you create the servers you are looking to create.

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Remembering the work you did at my company a few years back, we can be more than just lucky to have you with us, Nyenna. I hope things are well with you and the community is right for you and you can help make it flourish.

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Your application for the position Modding Assistant and Recruit has been accepted. You shall be known in Bannerlord as PSI_Rct_Nyenna :) 

Your member group has been adjusted to feature your membership with us!

We can discuss the exact responsibilities of your position in private :) 

The private clan board has been unlocked for you to post your ideas, questions and comments!

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