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Wurm Defensive Fighting Tutorial

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Hi all, 

I thought I would share my knowledge with you guys of how to easily skill Defensive Fighting. I would recommend doing this with good plate armor and make sure you have a priest that can heal you every half an hour or so or carry some cotton. This is also a really good way to skill Shield skills.


First you will need a training pen. This is the most common design. 





Now fill the pens with foal horses as explained above. (If you need you can buy horsies from either Yldrania or Luttuosa)

Then to start your training you unequip your weapon and equip your shield and armor then enter the 3x2 pen. Target and attack each foal once so that they agro on you and start attacking you.

Now target and attack the single foal in the opposite 1x2 pen. 

Always make sure you target the single foal in the 1x2 pen. 

In doing this your character will try to hit the single foal but will fail because the target is too far away and behind a fence, but all the agro foals around you still attack you but take no damage from you as you are not hitting them. Which means you get skill ticks for every hit you take but deal no damage to your baby horsies.


Keep an eye on your stamina and the many very light wounds you will receive and step out of the pen and heal when required. Just remember every time you re-enter the pen you have to do the process again.


I hope this helps you guys who want to skill some Defensive Fighting and Shield skills.

Happy Skilling :)










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Would like to bring some attention to this as I don't think it is possible anymore following all those shield changes that went in a while back? I could be entirely wrong of course, I just could've sworn they came in after this thread was made :P

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It still works, but is much less efficient now because skillgain depends on strength of the blocked hit. On the other hand, shield skillgain from fighting with harder hitting mobs should be noticeably higher.

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