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M&B King's Bounty Mod

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Good Morning,


I have been playing around with this idea for a while and M&B would be the best base to get started with a mod like this. 

First off let me explain why I think M&B would be best. I love the combat system on M&B and that is the one thing that I personally feel is lacking in the King's Bounty series. Most of the work for this mod was already done by the native M&B Warband game so even though there is still a lot of work to do to get a mod like this to work, it won't be like creating an entirely new mod from scratch.


For those of you who do not know what King's Bounty is, you can check it out at this link. You can also download the original game free here but you will need something like DosBox to run it.

If you don't want to dedicate an hour or two to play this epic game here is a rundown of what you have to do. 

The King has lost his scepter and you have been hired to find and retrieve it. To do this, you have to explore every corner of 4 different maps, while battling groups of enemies scattered around everywhere. 

As you explore you will find lost treasures, cash rewards, reputation rewards, Castles (Which you have to conquer), Towns (Information Centres) and Settlements (Where you recruit troops). In order to win the game you have to capture all the castles that has a Villian living in it, these castles get harder to capture as you progress through the game, the first one you capture would for example have a few wolves, militia and peasants occupying it but a castle later in the game/story will have Knights, Dragons and Vampires occupying it making it much harder to capture. You also need to learn which troops work well against other troops, the fun part is when you capture a castle you can garrison your remaining army there so that you always have a backup of troops at your disposal. (This is already available in M&B)

As you kill these villians and collect lost treasures you gain map pieces of the following map , each item (Sword, Scroll, Crown ect.) are all lost treasures that you find through exploring, and the characters are villians that you need to locate in their castles and kill. Behind each tile is a section of a map so the more you do the more of the map you can see, until you recognise the area on the map and go there to retrieve the Kings Scepter.



The exploration and building of your army is a lot of fun in this game, but what a lot of people don't like is the turn based combat system when you engage in fights. Which is what M&B offers. 

So here are my thoughts, A M&B mod that has only 1 kingdom, you are already a part of this kingdom but there are many neutral/hostile castles and armies scattered around the lands, you still recruit soldiers from your Town taverns as normal but each town offers only 1 type of unit to recruit, for example (Using old town names as example.) Jelkala only offers Knights, Praven only offers Wolves, Thir only provides Dragons and so on. But you can still only recruit a set amount of troops as currently in M&B, but bigger/stronger troops need to take more space for example a Knight takes 1 spot but a dragon counts as 10 people. There will also need to be a "Timer" or "Trigger" set that only lets you recruit certain troops after certain objectives have been met or even you can only recruit from a town once you have captured a castle that controls it, This might be the easiest way to do it. 

What is already in M&B that could make this work?

1. The ability to recruit different troops in different locations.

2. The ability to garrison troops in castles.

3. Random armies patrolling areas and moving around.

4. Castles that can be conquered. 

5. A very good non turn based combat system


What will need to be done to make this work?

1. A random map generator so that the "Kings Scepter" is never located in the same place.

2. A new map design, Calradia might be a bit out of touch for this. 

3. New scripts for M&B rather than the main objective to conquer the world you have to find a hidden item.

4. The option to search areas (Can be added to the "camp here" option)

5. New models & textures for the new creatures. (Trolls, Ogres, Dragons, Orcs, Dwarves that kind of stuff)

6. Need to write an epic backstory to get people interrested.


What/Who we need to make this work?

1. Programmers - Should know Python as it is M&B after all.

2. Artwork creators for maps.

3. Models and textures for new creatures.


There are a lot of other things I know but that's the idea I have. 


I hope you guys like it and maybe you have ideas on how to make this work, I've been messing around with this idea for a couple of years but never really thought of ever doing it, but Yldrania has somehow managed to inspire me to give it a shot so I guess it's time to brush up on old Python again. 


Please let me know what you guys think and if you would actually play a game/mod like this.








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So after pondering the idea a while I decided that I am not going to make a mod like this for M&B , but instead "try" and make it a stand alone game.

With me starting studies in software/game development in June I decided to undergo this task. I got help from a friend to do some of the graphics and 3D modelling so what do I have to lose?

Please feel free to criticize and give idea's or tips along the way. I know a project like this will not happen overnight, but I at least want to have a playable demo ready by December. 

This is my rough idea for a overhead map... but this might only be for the demo as it is very small...



I did not draw any of this as my skills with a pencil is the same as that of a 3 year old, this is a beta tool still in development called Inkarnate which can be located here.


Also thanks Yldrania for the inspiration and all the support you have provided me already. Hope I do you proud :P


Stay tuned, I will update here as often as I can. 




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Good luck! :)

My personal tip: start with "proof of concept" small demos/prototypes showcasing just a single feature, do them for every key mechanism and (when possible) more unusual/unique ones. This way, you can quickly fiddle around with stuff, potentially saving you lots of time you would need to spend to get out of dead end otherwise.

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Sounds very interesting and I'm really looking forward to seeing your project progress. However, I'd like to ask you to make a new thread to keep us updated about your game, since your concept for a mod was actually valid and may be something someone at some points would want to make :D 


P.S.: @Burdok if you're looking for support / backers / publishers / whatever for your game, give me a shout. I've been in the indie scene for 10 years now and I've got some ideas to support you.

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Looks like an interesting project. Good luck. I can do some (pre)-alpha testing for you when the time comes if you'd like (I'm a great bug hunter :P)

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