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Shadow Glen

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For now I'm holding onto my old deed and offering anyone that wants to use it for some skill up.  I'll maintain it as long as people are getting use out of it. 

At the moment it has: 22 Bison, 2 bulls, 2 rams, 15 cows, and 14 sheep.  Excellent place to raise AH and milking.   It has either on deed or fenced in 500+ tiles for farming and more area leveled but not fenced off. 

If your looking to kill some stuff in South West Xan its got plenty of lairs: Wolf (Seen only champions), Mountain lion (Seen only lurking), Goblin, Cave Bug (Fierce), Spider (Angry), Croc (Alert/Champ). Mine tends to spawn magma spiders and black bears. Then there is the normal swarms of horses, bison, sheep, hell horses, hell hounds, bears, trolls etc that seem to be a constant steady spawn of them.  

Again, If anyone can make use of it your free to use it. If not I'll toss it on the market as I don't expect I'll be making too many trips back to check on it. 

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1 hour ago, Eleraan said:

Perfect. I see. I'll need to run over and check on them. There all in single pins so should be ok for a bit.


Maybe we could use the deed to make some money off of it. I could visit with an alt and make sure it's set up correctly, and then charge people for using the deed to grind their skills. I could keep an alt posted there to check up on it daily. 


You know, offer the service for free to alliance members and charge outsiders for it :o What do you think?

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