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Vinyamar List of Donators (List of Honor)

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The Honorable List of Donators

Eleraan - 1x Supreme Small Anvil, 1x Rare Large Anvil, 1x Rare Hanging Lamp, Silver, 1x Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass, 250kg White Dye, 6x Candelabra, 3x Bed, 2x Larder, 11.4K Stone Bricks, 2.5K Wool, 1.8K Dirt, 10x Alchemy Cupboard, 4x Large Chest, 3x Empty Bee Hive, 600 Iron Ribbons, 300 Fence Bars, 1.2K Wood Logs, 3K Mortar

Tuanta - 1x Rare Forge, 1x Rare Spirit Mansion

Burdok - 1x Supreme Armour Stand, 1K Brass Lumps, 3K Mortar, 5K Clay

Warlander - 

Neenee - 1xYule Goat, 1xSnow Lantern

Dalrok - 1K Planks


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Added Neenee's Yule Goat and Snow Lantern donation as well as Eleraan's 250kg of White Dye for the Taras-ness deed :D Thanks guys!

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