We Are Expanding To Goodgame Empire!

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Listen here, people, the first actual expansion since I started the alliance is taking place RIGHT NOW!. @AJBlack has offered to lead a branch of our community in this game, and has taken a few times t oget ino it and become certain before finding a spot where we can build our alliance and flourish. 

Goodgame Empire is a FREE Browsergame that can easily be run in the background while playing, for example, Wurm Online. If you're interested in some new freetime activities with us, please consider joining in with us! 

This is our REFERRAL LINK - if you use this to sign up, the alliance will benefit from this and you will also be instantly connected with @AJBlack in that game without having to find her first: https://empire.goodgamestudios.com?ic=5L-1XATS-GB&w=199947&refer_method=link 

We play on the server Great Britain 1 - short GB1 - so please make sure that when you sign up, you sign up on this specific server.

As always, we are looking to take things to the next level with our activityin Goodgame Empire, which is why I look forward to seeing what the glorious leader will manage to put in place. 

We will be taking our time and allow everyone to grow without pressure or obligations, but we will require regular activity as well as some contributions to the alliance from everyone involved - same as always. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment here - otherwise I look forward to observing these new activities :)  

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