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Interesting background games

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Just a topic for sharing web browser games that can be played mostly in a background, without need for constant attention. :D

Short list from me to start the topic:

XKCD Sandcastle Builder - veeery slow-paced game, with most things (at least initially) happening every 30/60 real time minutes and requiring months/years to unlock everything it has to offer. Based on well known in some circles XKCD web comic (to be exact - 1190 "Time").

Kittens Game - complex resource management game in which we lead settlement of kittens and other mythical creatures (no spoilers!) towards glory.

Bitburner - hacking "simulation" game, really enjoyable but requires at least basic scripting/programming and networking knowledge to get most out of it.

Miden Quest Online [REQUIRES REGISTRATION] - browser MMO with focus on gathering, crafting, trading and improving your character so you can gather even faster (which itself is automatic, but requires refilling with single click every few minutes/hours depending on advancement). Features complex skilling system and possibility to build your own kingdom (or join one of existing ones).

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