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Found 2 results

  1. Alliance Chat Quotes

    This thread is to capture the awesomness of our alliance..... or just post random stuff that is said in Alli chat haha. Let me get us started: [20:21:39] <Lightedshadows> You have a new neighbor Burdok [20:21:48] <Burdok> another one? [20:21:58] <Isabelli> yea ME HAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. How to build a rowboat Hi everyone! I am about to teach you the secrets to building a rowboat, the most basic of ships/boats in the world of Wurm but essential in your journey of becoming a master shipbuilder. Step 1: Get Wood To start off on your journey, you must channel your inner eco-terrorist. Go to your nearest un-deeded forest or the trees on your own deed, open your inventory and double left-click your hatchet to activate it. You could use your saw but cutting down a tree or cutting a felled tree into smaller pieces damages your saw unnecessarily so we will stick to the lumberjack’s trusty tool, the hatchet. Selecting the tree you want to chop is also important, go to a tree and examine it. You want old or very old trees since they supply the most wood. And do not worry about what tree it is, the woods can mix. But for safety purposes, try not to murder all birch or maple or etc. trees from the forest. You might need that particular type of tree later so balance it out nicely. Due to my OCD I prefer to use the same type of tree for my entire boat. You will need about 6-7 trees in total. Right click the appropriate tree with your hatchet being activated and select chop. Now get chopping. Step 2: Preparation Now that you have successfully murdered some trees it’s time to mutilate the corpses. Chop all but 3 trees into logs. You will need 3 felled trees of approximate 90 weight. It may be more but not less. If the felled tree is too heavy to pick up then chop it once and try again. If it was still too heavy then simply repeat the process until it fits in your pocket. Don’t worry, pants in Wurm are made to stretch. I assume its common logic to build your boat close to the shore. If it wasn’t for you then perhaps consider playing minecraft instead or maybe candy crush. Transport all wood to the construction site and dump it down. Pick up one log and activate your carving knife. Then right click the log, hover over create, then hover over construction material and click on shaft. The process might fail but just keep going until you have 7 shafts. Then right click the shaft, shift through the menus again and create a Peg. You’ll need 70 Pegs so…good luck. And the endless preparation continues. With your carving knife activated, pick up some logs, right click them and create some Tenons. You will need 60 of them. You’re not done yet though. Now you will need to activate your saw (yes saw this time not hatchet) and again grab some logs, right click them and create Hull Planks. 61 of those. Patience still good? Keyboard not smashed? If your answer was yes to those then good job. If not…again…minecraft. Now you’ll create some seats. With your saw activated, right click a log and create a seat. 4 will suffice. Now to make the means through which the boat shall move. The Oars. Same as the seats, with an activated saw, right click a log and make 2 Oars. You will need to make a mooring rope as well for which you will need a Rope Tool which is not a starter item and thus needs to be made which isn’t as easy as it sounds. For 1 Rope Tool you’ll need 1 Plank, 1 Shaft and 3 Large Nails. 1 Mooring Rope is enough. Activate the Rope Tool and right click the wemp fibre which can be made from wemp plants which can be found through foraging. Lots of work for one measly rope eh. Also you’ll need 10 Tar which can be gotten from a tar pit so you’ll need to find one of those or call a friend. So now we get back to the 3 felled trees which I hope you haven’t gone and chopped up completely. Activate your hatchet again (Saw doesn’t work) then right click the felled tree that’s in your inventory and create a Keel Section. Make 3 and you are done with all preparations. So to recap, here is everything you need to build this boat: 2x Oar 1x Mooring rope 70x Peg (20x for stern) 60x Tenon (10x for stern) 61x Hull plank (11x for stern) 10x Tar 4x Seat 3x Keel section Part 3: Inner Peace Okay so now you’ll need to go sit atop a mountain and discover your inner most peace because the actual construction of the boat requires high levels of patience. Part 4: Oh Sweet Mother of Mercy Why!? Now you need to build a stern. Not like the look you are giving this page right now. I mean the front of the boat. The Stern uses 11 Hull Planks, 10 Tenons and 20 Pegs of the ones you created earlier. Activate a Tenon by double clicking it in your inventory, then right click a Hull Plank and create a Stern. Drop the stern and start adding the rest of the components. Keep going until all parts of the Stern are attached without throwing your mouse at all the failed attempts. Once the stern is made it time for the actual boat. Double click a Keel Section and right click another Keel Section and create a Rowboat. I know that small sailing ship looks tempting but don’t click on it. Then the same as the stern, you start adding all the other components. ALL of them. Yeah…May the force be with you. Okay just in case, once everything is added and you’re looking at the Stern that is sitting apart from your boat, go pick it up, and attach it like you did EVERYTHING else. Part 5: SO CLOSE! Okay now that your boat is built, don’t be an idiot like me and embark it on land, trust me you won’t get far. Drag it to the water, if that doesn’t work then just push it close and then drag it in. Again don’t be an idiot like me and push it all the way into the water otherwise it will imitate its origins and stand upright like a tree in the water. Part 6: Welcome aboard Captain Right click your boat (that’s hopefully floating in the water) and select Embark as Commander. Then sail off in search of adventures, true love and get lost every few minutes. oung Shipbuilder!YEnjoy BloodPhoenix the Noobmaster