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  1. Welcome to our first annual DEED DESIGN CONTEST! As a PvE alliance we always strive to reward our members for their tireless work in Wurm - for themselves and for our alliance. The largest part of PvE is building our deeds and essentially for our alliance, everyone's deeds are, after their mayors and inhabitants, the most important thing for our community - the alliance wouldn't exist without your deeds! In order to honor that, we will be holding an annual Deed Design Contest. Who Can Join, And How? Any village within our alliance can participate. In order to do so, the mayor of each deed can sign their deed up here by replying to this thread. In case of mayor inactivity, a member with full management rights for the deed can take over. How Does It Work? In order to determine the winner of our contest, we won't simply be accepting screenshots and then one person will determine the winner, NO, we're much more awesome. During the contest period, I will visit each participating deed on a certain date and create a video with all its glorious features, which I will then upload on our community YouTube channel. Afterwards, each of the deeds receives a thread here on the forums where ALL MEMBERS of the alliance will be able to rate the deed. In the end, the deed with the highest scores wins. Any ties are settled by my master opinion ( ). Winning Criteria The deeds will be judged by 5 criteria, making it possible for newer as well as better established deeds to win. -- Deed Concept What are the foundation ideas for your deed? What are the future plans? Deed Planner File? Anything related to your plans and concept, whether applied in-game already or still just in your thoughts. -- Deed Design & Layout How is your deed designed? What makes it unique? Is there a feeling of "magic" or an associated "aura" that your deed emanates? Is it themed, perhaps? -- Features Practicality? Animals? Furniture? Maybe there's a church or another special type of building? Maybe there's a grove or a vineyard? Maybe a herb garden or a decorative yard? -- Challenge Level How difficult is it / was it to build your deed? Is the terrain a challenge? Are there many mobs? Maybe there had to be surface mining even, or a canal had to be constructed? -- Effort How much time and effort have you already put into your deed and making it perfect? What Are The Prizes? There is only one single winner of the deed design contest. The winning deed will receive: 1. 10 Silvers For Your Deed's Upkeep 2. A HotA Statue 3. A Detailed Interview & Video On Our Channel About Your Deed & Its Citizens Prizes sponsored by Yldrania Dates & Deadlines SIGNING UP -> Possible Until August 25, 2017 CONTEST PREPARATION (the period of time during which videos will be made and deeds will be rated) -> September 04 - September 30, 2017 VOTING ONLY -> September 30 - October 08, 2017 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT -> October 09, 2017 The interview will be conducted after this and posted whenever it is done.