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  1. Alyeska, Nahjo, Follower & Priest Conversion Dark, Vynora, Follower & Priest Conversion Dio, Magranon, Follower & Priest Conversion Grieba, Fo, Follower & Priest Conversion Xallo, Smeagain, Follower Conversion Forum name for all Alyeska and Xallo (primarily Xallo), located at Niflheimr B15.
  2. Minor update, mostly because I forgot to post that the top is already flattened. Beautiful picture of Jackal Rising to the East: The main foundation of the deed is complete, just need to finish the farms: Also, started working on the tunnel up from Ondlangr: Black: Cave Floors. Green: Finished Tunnel. Orange: WIP. Pink: WIP Cavern area. Teal: Veins. Red: Not Mapped Beyond. Should be done with the tunnel within a few days.
  3. And, before bedtime, a visit from a mysterious folk. Some say he pushed Seris away from Sol last night. Turned around to see this, nearly falling off into my most assured death: Some weird shit going on: I wonder what he's planning?: Shape shifter.....: A little more progress, shown at night: And finally, we have about half the slate shards we need so far binned! Woohoo! : Oh right, forgot to mention. Also, death counter: 2 alts!!
  4. Just a quick update. A lot of work has been done on terraforming the main tier of the deed. About 20k dirt so far, I believe. Just getting started: Getting the tunnel connected: Tunnel exit: So worth the view!: WIP: WIP: Until next time.
  5. Cesaille and I worked quite a bit on a tricky, but fun part, of the road. Aly helped surface mine a bunch too. Most of the path all the way up is worked out and rideable, but there is still a lot of work to be done to make the highway entirely 2-wide at 20 slope max. And a couple with "setoption trees 0" so you can see how much landwork was done so far : Also, death counter: 1 alt.
  6. WIP of the "trail" so far. It for the most part goes to the top. Entrance from the highway: Going up...: And up.....: And more up......: Down and back up, will probably make a bridge here: Some switchback that we found and will either use, or scrap and make a bridge instead: A desert!: Up the ridge: The view is getting nice....: Nicer....: And nicer....: Awesome ridge-line views!: A view of the trail at night : And, all of that for the view! : To be continued....
  7. Work With Us - Vinyamarket V 0.1

    Just to reserve a spot.... I can provide some LW'ing stuff once Niflheimr is setup proper. 90-95QL range including studded armour, saddles, and rare toolbelts. Also, 100QL 90W+ pelts since Aly spams them out and I'm tired of hanging onto them. Also, some way to advertise 95QL imping services as well (but not yet, PLEAAAASSEEE, too much to do right now! ). Hmmm.. and maybe bulk leather once we get our slaughter pen up and running again.....
  8. Since my villagers and I have decided to permanently move to Xanadu from Independence, we are going to build a new castle to live in. It will be slightly smaller than our old deed, Muspellsheimr, but much better because it will actually be designed with multistory and bridge functionality in mind. The current size of the actual walled castle itself is 21x15, with a roughly 8x12 farm space on a lower tier. I plan on having both a tunnel/road system to the northern coast, as well as a tunnel/road system up and back down the ridge to the south towards Vrock Landing. CURRENT STATUS Planning: COMPLETE (except Courtyard) Material Gathering: IN PROGRESS Road Construction: IN PROGRESS Terraforming + Mining: IN PROGRESS Building: NOT STARTED Furnishing: NOT STARTED DEEDPLANNER DESIGN Main Entrance: Courtyard: Overview: Overview from Ridge (the ocean is ahead to the right, and there's a valley far down to the left): Overview: Will be eagerly posting updates!
  9. The Screenshots Thread

    I guess you can jump on furniture these days.
  10. Introductions thread

    Hello! I'm Matt, otherwise known as Xallo. I'm from Houston, Texas. I study Architecture (in my last semester) and intern downtown as an Architectural Associate as well. I met my wife, Alyeska, in Wurm, about 7-8 years ago, and have been married for about 3.5 years. I enjoy traveling, and recently went on a 2-month study abroad trip with my wife and some classmates around Central Europe (including France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, France, and the UK [Ljubljana was the best! ]). I have a huge interest in medieval castles and middle ages architecture, which I suppose may have been inspired by Wurm?? I've been playing Wurm for entirely too long, over 10 years at this point. I've played on JK-Home, many years ago, for a year or so, followed by about 4 years of Wild (mostly apart of Coniunctis Viribus and Kyara, both in JK). After that I, for the most part, moved to Freedom and have lived on all of the servers (except Pristine and Release). My oldest account is: [20:58:00] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 3728 days, 12 hours and 21 minutes ago. I enjoy making deeds in Wurm, and have found myself moving many times simply just to create a new mark on the map. I also enjoy grinding skills, as is evident on my Niarja!: https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Xallo Outside of Wurm, I enjoy FPS/RPG games such as BF1, CS:GO, Sniper Elite, theHunter, Oblivion, M&B, etc. I also have a quite varied taste in music, ranging anywhere from classic rock to viking metal. Also, when I get the chance, I enjoy reading and doing artsy things. Anyway, that should be it. If you have any questions, or need Wurm related help, please poke me! Otherwise, see you in Wurm!