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  1. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Count me in as well!
  2. Alliance News Thread

    Current Update: Donation Bonus: Increased to 32% Market Barrows - Travel Speed: Increased to 35% Current Member Count: 10 Promotions: francme -> Deputy
  3. Alliance News Thread

    In this thread we'll capture news and stay up to date on what happens! August 1st, 2017 - Alliance in Goodgame Empire was founded. Now it is on us to expand this list and lead our new baby to glory
  4. Due to our quick growth and merge with another alliance, we are looking for a second alliance manager next to Warlander and our leader Yldrania. Responsibilities include recruiting, keeping an eye on the alliance, maintaining order and dedicating some of your time to aiding the alliance and its growth in other ways, such as using our forums, facebook group or contributing to projects. You will receive a detailed mail from Yldrania upon being accepted for the position. If you'd like to apply to be an alliance manager for our Xanadu alliance, please send a PM to me here with your application and/or any questions you might have.
  5. Mount&Blade: Shadowlord

    As the world falls into darkness, creatures of unknown horrors invade our lands. As if they had all been called to rise at the same time, they strike the world of man from every side, taking thousands of lives each day on their march to conquer everything. Their will to rule is only exceeded by their desire to spread terror and inflict cruelty upon those they deem unworthy and powerless. Within days, the dark hordes damn many armies, slaughtering everyone they encounter whether they oppose them or not. One by one, the kingdoms of man fall to the never-ending spawn of evil that smites the lands. Soon, evil has overrun all but one kingdom of man and must now face them and each other in their continued effort to rule the world. After an invasion of evil creatures, the world is shattered. A variety of creatures have infested the kingdoms, forming their own armies among their own kind, facing each other and everyone around them. A single group of humans has managed to last despite the devastating occurrences around them. Fight as one of them to win back the world for mankind, or spawn as one of the unknown terrors and smite the lands as one of the spawns of evil. Lead humans or monsters to victory and condemn everyone in your way on a unique journey through the horrifying world of what is now called The Black Lands. Enter The Black Lands - a unique game world based on our beloved home but turned into devastating ruins and sights of horror. Enjoy a variety of different creatures to fight. Some races you may know from tales and legends, others you may encounter for the first time. Choose between fighting the fight of the good-hearted knight or the bloodthirsty monsters. Live, or spawn as something that will never be truly alive. Admire the unique models, designs and experiences that come with this full conversion mod. Nothing is the way you remember. Make your way through a unique main quest line depending on your character creation choices. There IS, in fact, a final goal other than ruling the world... or is there? Utilize new weaponry, mounts and possibilities in this unique Mount&Blade experience. Choose your own path! Follow the quests, choose your battles or make your own story. Everything is possible! Immerse yourself in this terrorized world with our fully custom soundtrack, sound effects and a completely new experience. Currently In Progress AJBlack - PSI Development Coordinator Yldrania - Web Development & 2D Art Designer Nyenna - Programmer Writers - Help us write unique quest lines and make up the lore behind our unique world. Sound Designers - For unique sound effects to support a unique experience. Composers - If you've ever wanted to compose medieval thrilling tracks, this is your chance. Programmers - Help us turn our ideas into a real mod by taking on different programming tasks and responsibilities - alone or with other programmers. 3D Designers - Make new unique models for our game and/or modify existing ones. Concept Artists - Help us bring our lore to life with your take on what things look like. Voice Actors - There is nothing better than to make people scream? Join us and help us create an environment with realistic voices. We are currently in the pre-preparation phase. This means we are establishing a base team for our mod, discussing responsibilities, coming up with the concept and starting our work as well as possible given the game this mod is for has not yet been released. We will work on whatever possible until the release and jump right into the real development with all the resources we have established by then as soon as it becomes possible.
  6. Mount&Blade: Shadowlord

    The mod development is now public. Follow our development progress here! http://www.indiedb.com/mods/mount-blade-shadowlord
  7. Alliance News Thread

    Current Update: Member Limit: Increased to 19 Donation Bonus: Increased to 16% Alliance Smithy Level: 5 Current Member Count: 7
  8. Proud of your latest ranking? Amazed by your latest reward? Over the moon about your latest victory? Screenshot it and share it here Let's show the glory of PSISPHERE! Here's my first one from a nobility contest:
  9. Achievement Screenshots Thread

    War of the Realms Results
  10. Achievement Screenshots Thread

    Nobility Contest! Tournament
  11. Random Facts Thread

  12. Introductions thread

    I was the one to suggest the introduction thread so it seems only appropriate for me to post an introduction at some point Let's start with Wurm! My main character Demonqueen will be villager, squire or slave with @alkhadias and his Lunar projects to which I am hoping to contribute. The character has a biography and is fully prepared for taking on a roleplaying style position, which I hope will be possible in this environment and his projects. Her main purpose will be to support Alkhadias with his ventures, and to eventually become a Paaweelr priest because I seem to have a passion for this particular player god. My other character Ajblack which I mostly made for the sake of having my nickname reserved, is currently mayor of a small deed in central Xanadu called Menegroth - City of a Thousand Caves. It's a side project of mine, and I'll be really taking my time to make it. The deed has a decent size, 8S upkeep every month, and is very isolated - just the way I like it. On Ajblack, I will be rather withdrawn from alliance matters as this is the character I will just be playing solo most of the time. I'll be documenting my descent into Wurm madness for sure, and Yldrania and I are currently setting up a blog for me to do so on a PSISPHERE sub-domain. I'm still a very new player when it comes to Wurm, so my progress will be slow and I might depend on you lot for advise and support from time to time, which you can also expect in return as soon as I can offer it. For the alliance, I will do my best to support it, particularly with Demonqueen, while Ajblack is just going to be my own little thing. Part of it but not really involved. A little bit of an escape so to say. Let's continue with my position in PSISPHERE! It appears I joined just about at the right time - PSI is looking to expand into modding and development as well. As someone who professionally works in the gaming industry, I've decided to accept the invitation of becoming Development Coordinator, which essentially means that I will be making sure that new projects are begun, that projects in progress aren't abandoned and that released projects remain supported. I will also make sure to help our development oriented group grow and to establish a base team that we can work with for multiple projects on paid and unpaid basis. In Short: I'll be organizing the development department within the community, and I'm very much looking forward to that. I very much look forward to playing and working with all of you and if you have any inquiries about anything related to development, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  13. Adding my movie for the day: The Amityville Horror, 2005
  14. Random Facts Thread

    In the early stages of its development, Half-Life 2 featured a friendly alien that would follow Gordon Freeman around, feasting on the bodies of his fallen enemies. It was taken out when Valve discovered that the AI would be too difficult to convincingly program.
  15. Expansion Ideas

    It surprises me that Wurm Unlimited is not on this list.
  16. I would like to suggest an "Introduce Yourself" board for everyone. I'm new here and before I just jump into a community I like to give people a chance to get a basic idea of who they are talking to - and the other way around.
  17. Poll - EPIC or CHAOS PMK?

    I don't know too much about the game yet - haven't even joined your guys' alliance yet, however from what I've been explained about the server system, I feel it would make more sense for a community like this to focus on a Chaos kingdom given the primary group is currently located on that cluster, and a kingdom could be beneficial.