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      Due to the extreme costs of creating our alliance capital, we are hoping for some support from the community to help fund it. Even if it's just 5 dollars a month, every little bit would help tremendously. Check out our Patreon page for special rewards for those who donate! https://www.patreon.com/psisphere


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  1. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [17:18:32] You fall into a trance. Do I want to be famous?
  2. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [09:26:02] You fall into a trance. What if light and dark is the same thing, just in different shapes.
  3. Expansion Ideas

    Recently stumbled upon this game. Looks interesting: https://atwar-game.com
  4. I've decided to start an experiment on how to best turn your account into a pro account with the least amount of gems involved. In order to keep track of everything I'll be regularly posting videos explaining what I'm doing and how things are turning out. Today was time for the first video - the creation and basic set-up - so here it is, for anyone who's interested, please enjoy! (I know that once I activate the music my voice is a bit too soft, bear with me as I fix this for the next video.)
  5. Alliance News Thread

    We have reached level 5!
  6. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [08:58:35] You fall into a trance. Are there people who are soulless?
  7. If anyone here is doing the Thorn King events, maybe we can share advise for each other here. I focus all my attention on it for the time being, trying to figure out how to best beat it but it is proving to be a challenge.
  8. Completed Plains of Ashford!
  9. Completing maps can be tedious... why not get some pride from finishing some maps! Today's Completions for me: Divinity's Reach Queensdale
  10. Earning favor

    First things we need to do is gather 150 Gold to start our guild hall and bank. After that we'll be able to work on upgrades.
  11. Expansion Ideas

    Seems like a great idea. I look forward to working with people from other servers on making this a cross-server alliance. Not without reason has Teamspeak been chosen over discord. I doubt Yldrania would stray from that one.
  12. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Count me in as well!
  13. Alliance News Thread

    Current Update: Donation Bonus: Increased to 32% Market Barrows - Travel Speed: Increased to 35% Current Member Count: 10 Promotions: francme -> Deputy
  14. Due to our quick growth and merge with another alliance, we are looking for a second alliance manager next to Warlander and our leader Yldrania. Responsibilities include recruiting, keeping an eye on the alliance, maintaining order and dedicating some of your time to aiding the alliance and its growth in other ways, such as using our forums, facebook group or contributing to projects. You will receive a detailed mail from Yldrania upon being accepted for the position. If you'd like to apply to be an alliance manager for our Xanadu alliance, please send a PM to me here with your application and/or any questions you might have.
  15. Mount&Blade: Shadowlord

    The mod development is now public. Follow our development progress here! http://www.indiedb.com/mods/mount-blade-shadowlord