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  1. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Replying in this topic. Although to be honest I'd like the 3rd prize lol
  2. Song of the Day

    I love this song!
  3. The Screenshots Thread

  4. Poll - EPIC or CHAOS PMK?

    I'll be honest I am not really interested in either so voted that way. It does make more sense to do it on chaos due to the state of epic but I think it is up to greater people of the alliance than me to decide such things Ta Cal
  5. Interesting YouTube channels

    I'll watch anything by Armouredskeptic or even better CosmicSkpetic. Or if I really need a laugh I watch videos about the flat earth conspiracy.
  6. Song of the Day

  7. Introductions thread

    Hello my name is Callius. (Or Lee as I am known in my non-virtual existence). I am the mayor of Aztarian, which is located at H-15 on Lake Selkie. I have been playing Wurm Online fairly solidly for around 4 years and I started out on the Release server at Wyvern Academy. When Xanadu opened I had an Alt there on day one and deeded Aztarian on day 2 of server opening. Then when the boarders opened I brought Cal over to take over as mayor. My main hobbies in the game are building and working on the deed. Looking forward to meeting and working with you all. Special thanks to Yldrania and Warlander for making me welcome on the first day of joining alliance. Take care Cal.
  8. Song of the Day

    what the heck! Man I is new to dis forum stuffs how does I do this? But seriously I thought you'd just click the link and it'd work. What do you do? Edit: Yessssssss found it
  9. WTS Sleep Powder

    I have 18 sleep powders. 1s each. Thanks Cal
  10. Song of the Day

  11. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    Sorry a bit late to this part (having only just joined the alliance Hi all btw) but I thought this was an interesting question, certainly worth pondering. Will I care what happens after I am dead? Well it depends, the question doesn't say whether its do I care what happens to me or do I just care in general. As an atheist Yld is right I couldn't give a damn about me. However I certainly would care about what happens to earth, my loved ones etc etc. The only reason I question it is that instead of saying do you care about what happens after you die i.e to yourself the question says after you are dead which suggests me do I care about what's left behind. There is, of course, the very strong possibility I just have misunderstood (happens all the time).