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  1. Compass mini-giveaway

    I would like a compass, thanks.
  2. The Who's Who

    I'm Draygon at Kiwiana in the deep South East, 20 mins ride from Esteron. I have 2 priests, Evalla and Aalta, Nahjo in training. I have a couple of citizens who play regularly called Meatbeater and Foxlight. Meatbeater also has an experienced Vyn. As a deed we can offer skills like Leatherworking, Carp and fine Carp, cloth tailoring, mining, and Plate Smithing, just to name afew. Im currently working on brewing and plan to have made every recipe available and to beable to offer every type of affinity drink. I also offer a b&b long term with no charge lol
  3. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Me 3, count me in!
  4. ohhhh this is exciting! Can you post pics of the winners deed?
  5. OK ok, count me in at Kiwiana R23