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  1. Mount&Blade: Shadowlord

    I've been working on few mods for Warband as well as helping Taleworlds with few things like shader system for example. I have no time for doing it anymore, but if you need anything in future, let me know
  2. I can join, thou my Castle isn't even planned yet at all. I'll try to do my best do plan and eventually build as much as i can.
  3. Introductions thread

    Hello, I am Alkhadias, Lord of Lunar Temple Complex of Moonlight's Castle, Moonlight's Haven and soon Lunar Embassy and Lunar Academy and owner of Lunar Armory shop as well as old famous Support Beams Factory. You might know me from game's chat, where some calls me Beamer (Because of 12k support beams made for people all around Wurm's world). I've started game [09:29:00] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1006. That's 2613 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes ago. And I made my first steps on Golden Valley yet, then I traveled through all servers except epic. I lived on Golden Valley, Wild/ Chaos, Indi, Deli and finally on Xanadu when i decided to stay for a longer because i fell in love with it's massive. I'm still traveling, hunting, exploring and admiring Xanadu for 3 years already, even now when i don't need any maps anylonger. I've never been so much of a settler, my favourite things in Wum is still traveling and hunting mobs, as well as uniques and helping new met people all around our land. Personally I'm 24 old and I live in Poland. I've studied astrophysics and cosmology, thou now I'm working on Medical University taking care of logistics of researches, experiments and discoveries, seeing and experience everything what takes science and humanity at all forward. New life, death, laboratory experiments, necropsy, undicovered events, whole circle and cases of very human life. Also trying to show and explain all physics behind medicine and medicine equipment. Personally I'm also transhumanists, trying to encourage people this way. My passions are physics, neurobiology, futurism and also slowly trying to get into molecular genetics. Next great passions are civil aviation, military and black metal music, which is also related with my collector's soul, because at this moment I have great collection of 1000+ rare, limited, first press music releases. I also like gaming and beside Wurm I play as well World of Tanks and many other games from Mount and Blade (with I'm related for many, many years, you can even find my in Warband's credits) to Infestation. I've also worked as 3D/ special effects designer. That'll be it.
  4. The Screenshots Thread

  5. The Screenshots Thread

    Some pics of today's Rift on Xanadu And.... Get off my surface area!
  6. Poll - EPIC or CHAOS PMK?

    Epic is almost dead. That's like going to already finishing part with bag of whiskey with "KABOOOM WE ARE HE.... oooooh". Vote for Chaos
  7. Random Facts Thread

    Sure, I've wrote few papers and articles about said topic. I can send them, but it'll take a while before i translate them. Some laboratory observations are 30+ pages long, and I'm not used to write in english like my colleagues, because my listners are mostly nationals, on genetics interests group I have mostly foreigners thou, but I'm not leading them usually. So there's a random fact from me. From arithmetic point of view 1 isn't really finite number. In fact it's record isn't always finite. We can prove that 1 is actually equal to 1, but that's also equal to 0,(9). So: 1=1=0,(9)=0,999....
  8. Random Facts Thread

    Yeah, thinking that way makes everything in Universe made of stardust, and that's true. A lil bit different things are mentioned here. Also this recycling isn't that obvious for us, that's one of the biggest unsolved physical problems for us. Same states and theories that aren't known yet sometimes makes me feel terrible while preparing prelections for students or listners. But in smaller scale, that's right. At some points our atoms will create something new, I hope so!
  9. Random Facts Thread

    Well, I'm an astrophysicists, so I have an intresting fact for you. Every piece of gold, silvers, all your jewelry at all comes from dying stars. You're literally wearing echo and parts from very last moments of a star's life.
  10. Uniques and Champs

    It is a problem, true. Other servers have no issues with finding uniques, that's why all most famous private slayers are pretty much killing all Uniques there within a day before others even notice that new Unique spawned. It's difficult to even try to compete with them. They've got expierience, army of excellent priests to look for Uniques, as well as paid informators/ friends on all servers. Thou, I'ver spoke with Odynn and Xallo many times and it's not impossible to make own group and compete with them on own rules. I used to be a traveller and I am still, never like to sit in deed for a longer time, that's why I know pretty much whole Xanadu, now I don't even need a map to travel anywhere. I need only someone to tell me his coords and I'm starting at once, in worst cases i have to look for a sec before travel to see exact grid's location. That's why, my favourite thing to do in Wurm is hunting down mobs, especially Uniques. And I'm really disappointed that there's no public slayings at all now, thou I understand it and accept. Doesn't mean that i don't want to slay Uniques, I even tried once to create a private group of slayers, but I can't call it a success. We've found few uniques, but pretty much after a month we realised that we can't compete with Cerber, Xallo, Odynn and others, so we've focused on Xanadu. Neverless, it was a disaster because most of my group abandoned an idea or joined already elite groups. Back then we had no as much capabilities as we have now also we have few little adventages. In fact these are disadventages which I turned into adventages. In short, we live on Xanadu where private groups from smaller servers don't wanna come, they don't know these lands as much and they don't wanna waster their time traveling there. If someone tell them about coords of Uniqe, they'll certainly come, but that's it. We know Xanadu, I do afterall. We have priest, we have time, we have new reveal creature runes, only thing that we don't have is hard will and plan. If I'd have resources, I'd probably make a new group of hunters with a new plan, but even my budget isn't enough if I'd have to look for uniques alone. I need people thou, similar to myself, who loves to travel without any goals, without idea or destiny, who aren't afraid of leaving deeds, deed chores, deed projects without a word for days, sometimes even week or more and finally people who might go out a deed for a week to achieve a goal, and even if they fail to do so, can still come back smiling after a great adventure. And believe me, there's not that many people like that around. Xanadu smashes all adventurers with their dreams of Unique hunts, but give me right people, and we can do that.
  11. Moonlight Castle History WiP

    Yeah, better don't sneak around my Castle at night
  12. Hello o/ I'm not a member of an Alliance, but Yldrania told me to post something about my deed, which is very close to your capitol I'm a member of old Lemosa Alliance founded by Theria and me, thou I'd like to be a friend of yours as well! Last time I'm trading a bit with you guys, buying mostly decorations for my new upcoming deed, which I've founded when after a break all my old deed fell apart. Here's some progress and old screens of Moonlight's Castle and Moonlight Haven! Also when I'll be done with terraforming perhaps I'll prepare some projects and ideas for upcoming buildings. Your feedback as well as suggestions is always welcome. And I have to admit, I never liked flat deeds, I've always enjoyed multi leveled terrains, with terraces, hills, higher and lower levels! My deeds are located at O8 Grid on Xanadu, both next to each other within perimeteres distance. Moonlight Castle is actually 84x50 Moonlight Haven is 20x25 Here are pics of where I've started with my castle, first terraformings done! Only few things I've saved from plundered deeds Basics of my Lunar Armory to run my business again! Progress: Also Newspring Island seen between mountains and valley! And more progress... Castle in real Moonlights! And here's beginnings of Moonlight Haven! More progress and pretty much actual progress of deed and terraforming: Performing some Black Rituals in meantime... Soooo, that's it so far. I have great and huge plans for my deed. And even if one day I'll finish terrafomring and building and if I say "That's it, everything's done" I'll probably start building underground "deed" under my Castle. I'm doing everything myself without using alts, not counting a digging toon that i had for use for 2-3 weeks when my friend went on holidays. Also I'm buying bricks and other mats if I can't fit making them into my playing time, but yeah, working alone on every tile and corner, that makes my deed even more special to me. I'll try to post updated about progress as well as 3D plan when i finish my terraforming. Thou... I've never used that tool. I used to improvise in every little aspect of terraforming or building and planning. This will be a firt time that I'm using Deed planner. I'll see what I can draw there My deed's idea is confusing even for myself. I wanna keep my deed: Practical- to have buildings, materials and tools and space for everything that I'm working on. My Armory, alchemists shack, kitchen are already done, thou I'll need space for coal making, beams factory, winery, and lots of different workshops. Nice looking- And that would need and encourage me to build some decoration buildings like War Machines Workshop, Castle Office, Castle Barracks, Tavern/ Hotel, Audience/ Throne Room to keep it climatic Castle Looking- What requiers designing in terms of defensive medieval purposes. Walls, Towers, War Machines, Higher Keep Level behind stone Walls, Lower Town level behind Palisade or without walls, thou with huge Bastion like building, and towers as well as palisades around most important buildings and of cours hidden underground tunnels between lower town and higher castle, including hidden exits. Those are my main goals and I'm wonder if I can handle it Best Regards!