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  1. Oronti Cardhon - deed progress

    The house and the frontyard are finished, and for the time being that's all the deed contains. Now it's time to develop the mine, create some farm area and animal area and then I can get back into the bulk business Also made some statues
  2. Oronti Cardhon - deed progress

    The Red Keep two days ago: The Red Keep today
  3. Oronti Cardhon - deed progress

    Progress progress progress I really like the first screenshot for some reason.
  4. Oronti Cardhon - deed progress

    Four directions of the world as seen from Oronti Cardhon
  5. First of all: Hello everyone Now that we have both the greeting and the formalities behind I present the progress of my deed - Oronti Cardhon which in a mix of Sindarin and Quenya elvish languages (I'm not a geek, it just sounded cool ) means "Mountain Castle". Basically, the deed will be created in a valley between three mountain peaks in the eastern parts of E-16. The screenshots will start with the travelling part which I currently am doing. Hope you like it The three highest peaks you can see are the ones marked on the map below. There is a road running through E-16 near which I will settle and there are only two ways in and out of the valley. I plan to conquer all of it one day
  6. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    If I sign in by saying I'm signing in then I'm signing in
  7. As my first post on the alliance forums I'd like to warn the people and suggest adding the following nicknames to the list: Mikesandy; Oats; Gringal; Jamesgab; ChinChin; MobyDick They call themselves the Holy Broman Empire or the DMNtB. Those were among the ones who seized my account and cleaned it out of all permissions and belongings. Some will know what it's about; I strongly advice against tightening bonds with these individuals. I would know as I once considered them close friends.