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  1. Far over the Misty Mountains cold,To dungeons deep and caverns old,We must away, ere break of day,To seek our pale enchanted gold. First deed planner plan: So, after long break i bought pretty harsh land. And because of it's unwelcome slopes i wanted to create a dwarven deed. Warlander said i probably should add progress note on forum.. And it's actually quite good idea. I really like this projest and will try to keep updating it. I'm sorry for posible mistakes. I'm not native speaker, but i always try to write best as i can! Condition for 02/06/2017 ~23:15 CEST So, now i plan to finish this house. What will i do then? Probably bridge, or start the underground part of the deed. Can't wait to post progress. Few more screenshots. Location of deed is Newsprings island, crater near S9. Easy connection with Vinyamar.