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  1. Elderstock Castle Deed Progress

    Current deed plan:
  2. Elderstock Castle Deed Progress

    Current Deed progress in deed planner: Local Weapnsmith and blacksmith place.
  3. Elderstock Castle Deed Progress

    Picture time:
  4. Elderstock Castle Deed Progress

    Well lots of changes have been made actually! Updating soon 1. 2 Buildings finished 2. 2 Castles are being created at this moment. 3. 4 New bridges are on there way.
  5. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Thanks for the event and gratz to all others toooo
  6. yes but that doesnt mean i have my new desk up yet... since i still need to produce a new desk from wood.. Wurm style ;p But my INREAL Carpentry/fine carp is still below 20... Im not a member yet..
  7. Im moving houses from 31 july to 21 august Hopfully it wont get intefeared with this contest!
  8. Elderstock Castle Deed Progress

    Current deed state: Current Deedplan: Comming along nicely
  9. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Sorion In!
  10. The ShadowFly Alliance

    Elderstock Castle (Q25) (Mayor: Xavier) change xavier to Sorion plz thanks
  11. The ShadowFly Alliance

    I am forgotton!
  12. Hi all, Im Sorion/Phailtrain and im a huge fan of castles As i left wurm some times.. its time to stay with a goal and project. Elderstock Castle.. Current state: 6-2-2017 Planned state: 20-2-2017 (without buildings and bridges) More incomming sooooon
  13. Im in