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  1. Compass mini-giveaway

    I'll be cheeky and say with this many compasses and this little participants, I could actually take 3, on for each toon. (Though one of that quality alone would be great for exploring)
  2. Expansion Ideas

    Can't confirm clearer voice comms. I use Opus on my TS and it blows Discord out of the water quality wise, and feedback depends more on the user configuration than the program itself. Discord also uses 3 times the RAM that TeamSpeak does when I open both up, and is comparably slow to start. You'd have to be more specific abotu "more user friendly" aswell, because I cannot think of how TS could be simpler to use(As opposed to the bloated UI of Discord). Except for the massive permission system, which is more of a question of "admin friendly". Discord has its place if you really want to use all the added functionality, but if you want simple voice comm TS is the way to go.
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    Oh yes, I learned that the hard way, too. Made me hate mountains, that's why I enjoy beating them up. (The more natural looking slopes in the back left somewhat indicate the original shape of the hillside)
  4. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    oooh, HOTA statue...I'm in. don't really need another rare cheese drill and fruit press though, I'm starting to have too many of them.
  5. "Workers and Warehouses is a farout tool." Got some time to kill, so I thought I could just present what I have so far regarding this topic. Based on my ideas here I recycled an old project into a more streamlined approach that I'm currently hosting on my server: (No, I don't have a domain, never saw the need for this little workshop server.) Nothing much on the startpage, as all information are hidden away between membership and permissions. This is what a supplier would see: I can list my products with quality, pricing (per) unit, the available amount etc. Changing to negative amount will delete the product. A trader would see a list of suppleirs and their current requisitions, or they can view the same page as above with a different set of options (and obviously none to lsit new products). Nothing here yet, let's click this "Flubb" thing and see what they have. (Also you can set up your X and Y coordinates in your profile so that "Map link" points you right to that position on Xanadu on wurmonlinemaps.com) I want 500 of those bricks, so entering that amount... "Trader" is the display name of the test account I use to illustrate this. That means suppleirs and traders know who is interested in a particular product. A trader can change their requested amount, as a supplier I can only confirm a certain amount: It defaults to the requested amount because we are nice to eachother, but if I could only give 300 right now, for instance because someone more important wanted 1200 bricks, I could enter that instead. For now, I'll be nice and confirm all of those. What would happen ingame now is that I put 500 bricks out into my trader pickup house where "Trader" has permission to pick them up. Notice that with 500 bricks confirmed for "Trader", they are subtracted fro mthe pool of available bricks, which are now only 1000. The same amount is deducted from the requested amount. Finally, "Trader" comes along after seing his stuff is ready for pickup, gets it ingame and confirms the pickup: If for any reason "Trader" didn't have enough space for 2 crates, he could jsut pick up 1 crate and overwrite the 500 with a 300. Again, it defaulted to the 500 because we assume Trader is properly prepared for the amounts they requested. Confirming the pickup of all 500 bricks, they are finally off the requisition list. They should probably go into the "Products" tab after that, which is supposed to be the traders "warehouse" listing all the stuff they picked up at some point have still stored. This isn't implemented yet because before I go on with this, I'd liek to hear some feedback on what you think, would other suppliers use this to let Yldranaia know what to get and where and would Yldrania prefer this over a spreadsheet? (After I implemented the "Products" tab, of course. I wasn't sure what to name that at the time, "Warehouse" might be better, as it would represent the contents of your warehouse in Vynamar, kinda) You can register as you please, the mail address would be only for whenever I could be arsed to implement notifications and more config options in the profile. Without being assigned a trader or supplier, you won't be able to do anything but change the rudimentary info in your profile, so if you sign up let me know to make you either a trader or suppliers, either ingame or via post/PM here. For those who want to supply their products anonymously,: No one but traders can see suppliers here, other suppliers won't know of you competing with them.
  6. Work With Us - Vinyamarket V 0.1

    The spreadsheet link was public just to demonstrate the idea, of course any actual method of sharing these information would be strictly private. In fact I've finished the platform in its core features and with that solution suppliers and their stock would only be visible to traders(Currently that'd be just Yldrania, so no deserter would see anything unless it was someone we falsely trusted as a trader). If you're interested(That means the other suppliers, too), I'll open a thread in "Tools" about it and explain how it works, although the spreadsheet pretty much gives it away already.
  7. Work With Us - Vinyamarket V 0.1

    For us "suppliers", I thought it would be great to have some way to list our wares to our sales pitcher. I've set up a minimalist list of my stuff so far here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JxRHHjLGPhRNmdUXleMU0NyEXTZqrmN0Zk_hZZ8RBRs/edit#gid=0 I imagine that, if everyone's willing, we can get everyone involved writing permissions here so that suppliers can maintain a tab listing their stocks. Salesmen (Currently just Yldrania) can write a desired amount to be prepared for pickup in the "Requisitioned" column and poke the supplier ingame, they put the wares out and transfer the amount to "Ready for pickup" with some hints to the container or differing location, supplier pokes back ingame. Alternatively, it is possible to subscribe to changes in certain documents in Google spreadsheets, but that would notify everyone even if their tab wasn't updated. I've been made aware that some people want to sell anonymously, and the global writing perms are obviously suboptimal, so I thought while the store is in the making I could hack up some PhP monstrosity streamlining this use case, enabling specific E-Mail notifications about requisition requests and allowing suppliers to remain invisible to anyone but the sales(wo)men. Thoughts on this? Is it overkill or is there actually something that should be added?
  8. Alkhadias pretty much said the primary concern for me. I'd also like to add that on Chaos we have the possibility to supply our Chaos deeds from our Xanadu residences, like a safe "backline". I wouldn't play 24/7 on Chaos but having a place to go there to would be interesting.
  9. Vinyamar Donations Pickup Round #1

    Apart from the obvious candidates like bricks, mortar and possibly dirt, what else could be put to use? For instance, I have quite a few sandstone veins if you already have plans for those. Otherwise I could probably spare a few crates of the above materials.
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    The Path of Insanity is fun to get to obscure places. The whole mountaintop was almost an experience on its own because it actually had a natural oak forest growing, that's how untouched it was. Except for a bovine friend I met up there. (Yes, because of the cooldown of the random teleport, I was stuck up there until dawn.)
  11. If anyone passes by G18 for that purpose, you can get converts up to priesthood for Nahjo and Paaweelr from Radrohn and Tulon respectively.
  12. Don't think I have a particularly aesthetically pleasing deed but for the sake of variety and fun of seeing what's going around in the alliance I'll just sign up Windspears aswell.