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  1. The ShadowFly Alliance

    Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Berentel) should be Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Beretel) Thanks, JS
  2. Random Facts Thread

    Random Science Fact: some geneticists believe that the human population is losing vitality at a rate of about 1% per generation due to 'genetic load', or accumulation of deleterious mutations. Essentially, the next generation will be slightly weaker...
  3. Random Facts Thread

    Kansas, USA fact: Until a couple decades ago, there was a United States Navy Base near Hutchinson, KS. Over 650 miles from the nearest body of water capable of holding a navy vessel of significant size.
  4. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    I'm in
  5. The Who's Who

    Beretel - https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Beretel and Kelvik, a Vynora Priest around 50 faith and 15 channeling LuthienTinuviel and Corwyn - my wife and her alt, who very rarely logs in Datboi, Hadassah, Grizzli, and Isengar - the four of my children who occasionally play. All of us are citizens of Pleasantview Major projects: Lighthouse: Kelvik will start a lighthouse deed, and a large lighthouse will be built east of Esteron in the bay - currently needing tons of dirt. Esteron to Lormere highway: starting soon. A three lane highway from Esteron to Lormere, including two major tunnels and two causeways (maybe).