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      Due to the extreme costs of creating our alliance capital, we are hoping for some support from the community to help fund it. Even if it's just 5 dollars a month, every little bit would help tremendously. Check out our Patreon page for special rewards for those who donate! https://www.patreon.com/psisphere


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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Isabelli: Holy Shit! What is that? Lightedshadows: My new Shield!!
  2. Just some fun!

    Hello fellow alliance members. Isabelli has created an entertainment district near broken woods and lemon grove we will offer catapult contest and pet sparing and also a top secret project still in the works. For right now we are putting together the catapult contest to test your skills and win some prizes. We where hoping to set up the first contest Thursday May 11th. as most of our members are UK based i need to know what a good time is for the most people to attend. Also we would like the alliance leader to throw ceremonial 1st throw! also we will be giving away 3 prizes to the winners who can get it closest to the center with 3 shots. Prizes will be announced next week before the contest begins. If you would like to make the trip and have some fun comment below. Isabelli and Lightedshadows
  3. Body Art

    Here are a few I have done. I don't do it for a living so its kinda a hobby.
  4. The Who's Who

    I mentioned it maybe it got lost in detail. Clurichaun Bay and Equestrian Veil CLOSED and we moved to S16 Broken Woods
  5. The Who's Who

    Broken Wood is located in the remote cedar woods of S16. You can find our road in between Harmonia and Dinastia Vivanco. There is an access dock just on the west coast of the bay near Sweet Island. We offer simple smithing services at Isabelli's Hot Ass Shop, brick and mortar as well as woodworking in rare cedar wood at Lighted's HArdwoods N More. You can get a cart built at Kamia's Buy Here Pay Here carts shop. ANd coming soon The Loose Goose Fine Bar and Grill. Don't forget to stop by the *hores park and get them critters identified for speed traits. Broken Woods Mayor: Lightedshadows Vise Mayor: Isabelli Hardwoods Kamia, Dianna, Glas
  6. [CLOSED] REAL 3 Month Giveaway