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  1. Introductions thread

    Like in topic - thread in which we can introduce ourselves.
  2. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Joining. @Dalrok - Tennant FTW
  3. Song of the Day

    Idea shamelessly borrowed from Wurm Online forums. I will start with a band which I (re)discovered recently. Very long, but awesome concept album:
  4. Alliance Chat Quotes

    [19:22:29] <Bastet> What is the name of the alliance again? [19:22:52] <Malcore> shadowfin [19:22:57] <Bloodscythe> shadowfly [19:23:04] <Malcore> or fly [19:23:07] <Malcore> lol
  5. Like some of you probably know, I deeded a new village on Newspring three days ago. In this thread, I will share how this village progresses. Current village size is 25X25, but expansion is a possibility in a future. Current status: Planning - FINISHED Material gathering - IN PROGRESS Structure building - IN PROGRESS Furnishing - IN PROGRESS Tree/bushes planting - NOT STARTED Future expansion - ??? Raw DeedPlanner exported terrain - all trees removed for visibility. There is a small lake on the top of this picture, as well as ocean on a bottom. Two views of main castle/palace complex - it will serve mostly as a representative, decorational and living area (top floor of the main structure), workshops will be placed in different areas of deed.
  6. Warland - village progress

    As I haven't updated in a moment... Village square is mostly done - currently I'm using it as a temporary pen for all animals, after I will build actual pens I will plant trees around this square.
  7. I will update this thread with screenshot of Alamanac when there will be important season changes. My Almanac is mostly complete, with just a few records missing I hope to fill soon (oak, lingonberry, raspberry)
  8. [SPOILERS] Alamanac harvest calendar

    404 seasons not found But winter is coming...
  9. [SPOILERS] Alamanac harvest calendar

    Time for first update after my return:
  10. Song of the Day

  11. Wurm Defensive Fighting Tutorial

    It still works, but is much less efficient now because skillgain depends on strength of the blocked hit. On the other hand, shield skillgain from fighting with harder hitting mobs should be noticeably higher.
  12. Just a topic for sharing web browser games that can be played mostly in a background, without need for constant attention. Short list from me to start the topic: XKCD Sandcastle Builder - veeery slow-paced game, with most things (at least initially) happening every 30/60 real time minutes and requiring months/years to unlock everything it has to offer. Based on well known in some circles XKCD web comic (to be exact - 1190 "Time"). Kittens Game - complex resource management game in which we lead settlement of kittens and other mythical creatures (no spoilers!) towards glory. Bitburner - hacking "simulation" game, really enjoyable but requires at least basic scripting/programming and networking knowledge to get most out of it. Miden Quest Online [REQUIRES REGISTRATION] - browser MMO with focus on gathering, crafting, trading and improving your character so you can gather even faster (which itself is automatic, but requires refilling with single click every few minutes/hours depending on advancement). Features complex skilling system and possibility to build your own kingdom (or join one of existing ones).
  13. Random Facts Thread

    To be absolutely honest, both versions are correct depending on a way we look at it - scientifically speaking tomato is surely a fruit, but in cooking it's commonly used like a vegetable. If we only take definition into account, then tomato is 100% fruit indeed.
  14. Song of the Day

  15. [SPOILERS] Alamanac harvest calendar

    Winter in full swing!
  16. Song of the Day

  17. Work With Us - Vinyamarket V 0.1

    Personally I will provide some enchanted stuff, initially mostly in 60-80 range.
  18. Alliance Chat Quotes

    [23:40:15] <Philippa> [00:39:42] The spaghetti bolognese emits a strong deep sound of resonance, then shatters! [23:40:21] <Philippa> dangerous dish
  19. [SPOILERS] Alamanac harvest calendar

    Almost winter, last season before it ends in a moment:
  20. [SPOILERS] Alamanac harvest calendar

    Winter is coming, so seasons are getting less and less frequent:
  21. Introductions thread

    Maybe I will reveal something about myself - like @Yldrania mentioned, I'm the creator of this thread after all. Hello, I'm Maciej, 22 years old male from small city near Warsaw in central Poland. I'm still studying Computer Science, but can't wait to start working in 2 years or so. My main areas of interests are obviously programming and gaming, but other than that I'm also interested in astronomy and history. I very like animals and nature in general, my favorite pets are dogs, species - German Shepherds. I'm not very keen on sports, but I really enjoy long walks and jogging from time to time. When it comes to programming, I'm very interested in game development. Other than that I also have some knowledge about web development (especially back-end, but can do full-stack when needed as well). In my free time, I often experiment with topics like procedural generation, UI/UX design, programming languages and their compilers, low-level computer graphics (mostly OpenGL, but I also learn about Vulkan), using GPU for parallel processing. I feel most comfortable with Java as primary language for most projects and C# + Unity for game development (single player/client-side). On web development client side, I tend to alternate between JavaScript for smaller projects and Haxe for the larger ones. In Wurm world, I'm mostly known for Wurm Online/Unlimited (volunteer developer) and DeedPlanner which is mostly my personal project. When it comes to gaming, my favorite game is obvious. Other than Wurm, I play few other MMO's on and off - mostly Path of Exile, War Thunder and EVE Online. I have very high bias towards games with complex mechanics and "high risk = high reward" as only such games can keep me for longer. From single player or non-MMO games, I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls and Mount & Blade series. I'm one of these weirdos who enjoy Dwarf Fortress and consider it easy to play. Lately, I also enjoy incremental games that can be played mostly in a background - my favorite games of this genre are XKCD Sandcastle Builder and Kittens Game. In Wurm (as a player), I'm the alliance manager and mayor of Warland on Xanadu, S8 right now. I enjoy pretty much everything Wurm has to offer, but I'm much more of PvE player than PvP one. Looking at skills, my main focus is in nature skills, especially farming (96.53 at the moment of writing). My main character have over 220 days of playtime accumulated right now, here is the Niarja profile I update from time to time: http://niarja.com/skill_compare/Warlander Age of my oldest surviving character: [13:46:55] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 2 of the starfall of Silence, 1006. That's 2577 days and 7 minutes ago. I think that's the most important info, if I forgot about something important I will edit this post later.
  22. Like in topic - just a place where we can share YouTube channels that are worth looking at, possibly with a short explanation and link to example video. As aspiring gamedev I cannot start with channel other than this one: Extra Credits. It is invaluable source of informations about various gamedev-related subjects, especially related to game design, indie game studio management and game community. Example video:
  23. Where To Introduce Myself?

    I don't think the whole board is necessary in this case, but I went ahead and created new topic for that.