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  1. Compass mini-giveaway

    Compasses sent, closing this thread.
  2. Compass mini-giveaway

    Welcome to the compass mini-giveaway! In this giveaway you can win one of the following compasses: You may sign up until November 17, winners will be announced November 18. In case if there will be less applicants than prizes available, only best (in terms of settling time) compasses will be given away.
  3. Compass mini-giveaway

    Giveaway closed. Prizes will be drawn and distributed shortly.
  4. Compass mini-giveaway

    Friendly reminder, one day left to sign up.
  5. Compass mini-giveaway

    If there will be 8 or less participants/other characters... Sure.
  6. Post Here If You're A Member

    Posting here.
  7. Have you found some interesting info about your area thanks to archeology? Share it here! Inside Warland: [12:21:13] You can see signs of a single abandoned settlement here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, the settlement must have been called Critters Den. You recall this settlement, and remember the name of the founder as Ferret. Farms between Vinyamar and Minas Morgul: [12:27:48] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Artic's Lair. [12:34:08] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Wings Of Freedom. Vinyamar shore: [13:38:51] You can see signs of a single abandoned settlement here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, the settlement must have been called Deadwater Port. You find a scrap of washed out parchment signed by the last mayor, Raykow. Will update this post with more findings with time.
  8. GW2 Sites/Tools

    https://www.gw2spidy.com If someone is into crafting/trading, really useful site to assist with that.
  9. Daily Wurm routine

    Like in topic - what's your Wurm daily routine? My personal one: When entering game for first time on given day, log in both main and priest alt Meditation and puppeteer on both characters, daily confession Main goes farming, alt goes praying Completion of at least one small goal, like improving an item or getting 80+ enchant
  10. Song of the Day

  11. Song of the Day

    Idea shamelessly borrowed from Wurm Online forums. I will start with a band which I (re)discovered recently. Very long, but awesome concept album:
  12. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    Depends on how we interpret that, if just by looking at beliefs answer is in most cases binary, either everyone is souless or everyone have one. It gets a bit more tricky if we also include animals, but in most belief systems can still be reduced to either yes or no. If we also include everything else... Answer is always relative to person answering it and one he/she is looking at.
  13. (all jumping puzzles in central Tyria completed - 44 total)
  14. Random Facts Thread

    First democratic* elections for head of state happened in Poland in 1573, over 200 years before first USA elections. * - only "szlachta" could vote (more or less equivalent of nobility from other countries, but passed from generation to generation so even poor farmers could belong to this group from time of birth - average % of nobility in west European countries was around 2%, while in Poland it was closer to 8-10% depending on source)
  15. Wurm Unlimited for $1

    Just in case if someone still don't know about this offer somehow, dropping the link to the latest Humble Bundle here. https://www.humblebundle.com/endless-rpg-lands-bundle
  16. Currently: 75% vanilla map completion (the whole Kryta and Orr, most of Ascalon and Shiverpeaks, partially explored Maguuma Jungle) Mostly explored, but not map completed Living World Season 2 maps - some locations are locked behind time-limited events I didn't took part in yet 100% on all Living World Season 3 maps - this one is most recent, with last of them completed yesterday Auric Basin HoT map (HoT maps are pain to map complete due to their very vertical layout and huge size, lol) Crystal Oasis and Desert Highlands PoF maps (planning to do all of them when I will have more time and funds, most likely together with completing tasks for griffon mount)
  17. Favorite content

    Like in topic - I'm wondering, what are your most favorite kinds of content? I'm still kinda new player, but tend to enjoy these things most so far: exploring - map completion, achievement hunting, puzzles and challenges world events - most notably world bosses and meta events on HoT and LWS2 maps WvW - preferably solo/small group roams, but larger ones with good commander can be really enjoyable as well
  18. Personally I was leveling in "traditional" way, so map completed all Kryta maps before reaching 80. Finished Desert Highlands today, currently working on Auric Basin.
  19. Earning favor

    Question to the guild leaders - are there any plans to start earning favor and/or or other things needed for guild hall in a nearby future? Now that we have a guild I guess we can slowly start doing guild missions to earn favor for guild upgrades, anyone would be up for PvP or WvW sometime to earn a bit of it? (just a note, total newbie here - tried PvP just once for a daily mission, doing semi-regular roams with small random groups in WvW or soloing camps and sentries, and no idea at all how guilds and their missions work other than info on game Wiki and tutorials)
  20. Expansion Ideas

    I think the main reason we use TS3 over Discord is that Discord completely fails when lots of rooms and complex permissions are needed - it's good for basic communication and smaller groups, but isn't really performing well when there is a need for many rooms and different user groups. So far we don't really need many permission settings and groups, but this will slowly change over time.
  21. Introductions thread

    Like in topic - thread in which we can introduce ourselves.
  22. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Joining. @Dalrok - Tennant FTW
  23. Alliance Chat Quotes

    [19:22:29] <Bastet> What is the name of the alliance again? [19:22:52] <Malcore> shadowfin [19:22:57] <Bloodscythe> shadowfly [19:23:04] <Malcore> or fly [19:23:07] <Malcore> lol
  24. Like some of you probably know, I deeded a new village on Newspring three days ago. In this thread, I will share how this village progresses. Current village size is 25X25, but expansion is a possibility in a future. Current status: Planning - FINISHED Material gathering - IN PROGRESS Structure building - IN PROGRESS Furnishing - IN PROGRESS Tree/bushes planting - NOT STARTED Future expansion - ??? Raw DeedPlanner exported terrain - all trees removed for visibility. There is a small lake on the top of this picture, as well as ocean on a bottom. Two views of main castle/palace complex - it will serve mostly as a representative, decorational and living area (top floor of the main structure), workshops will be placed in different areas of deed.
  25. Warland - village progress

    As I haven't updated in a moment... Village square is mostly done - currently I'm using it as a temporary pen for all animals, after I will build actual pens I will plant trees around this square.