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  1. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    Sorry been a little hectic past few days. And I also have to flu currently. I have to take a 7-8 week hiatus from Wurm. Very soon I have a contractor coming to finish my basement and have nowhere decent to set up my computer until it's all done.
  2. Warland - village progress

    @Warlanderdo You want a hand with this? @Yldrania has a ~10k brick building I don't think I have even the carp to plan, left at Shadowfly Shore. I'm looking for a hobby after that?
  3. [CLOSED] REAL 3 Month Giveaway

    No April Fools? Woohoo! Thanks.
  4. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    It's been a while since we've had a screen shot! My hours at work have pretty much doubled, which is cutting into Wurm time, but I finished up another building! I now have to make a quick sail to the border of Celebration to pass some permissions along to Angelklaine.
  5. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    I'll let you know the next time I see you on!
  6. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    and I have to use my sleep bonus just so my stamina can refill when I'm low on food......
  7. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    No time for fun activities like building snowmen. @Yldrania is cracking the whip on me here. She doesn't even let me eat? I've actually been getting very lucky and having a rare clay or plank,etc building that I sac to keep my nutrition high, so who needs food!?
  8. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    @Birdwatcher was complaining about not seeing a screen shot in a while. Well here's another building going up!
  9. [CLOSED] REAL 3 Month Giveaway

    Sure. Temp ally checking in?! o/
  10. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    There, got the farmhouses all finished up as well here!
  11. Deed Design: Port Alora

    The location of the deed is pretty nice. His other deed I usually reside at, is just behind that. Don't know if there is a return to Celebration anywhere in my near future ?
  12. Deed Design: Minas Morgul

    Looks great to me. Got confused by the 3D layout being spun 180deg from the floor plan ? Really looks good though!
  13. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    Ah finally a roof to stay dry. On to finishing the roofs of a couple other buildings!
  14. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    Anyone near this deed know where a path of love special tile might be? I've been trying to make one also with no luck.
  15. Shadowfly Shore Progress

    Battling the insta-night/day cycles on Xan, I've got the 3rd floor all put together now!