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  1. Song of the Day

    I hope you can enjoy this song and clip as much as I do. It comes with clips from one of my favorite anime movies: Akira. “Humans are such easy prey”
  2. Achievement Screenshots Thread

    Impressive! ....... probably!
  3. Song of the Day

    As much as I love metal, I'm going for some (dark) electro music to offer some variance in this topic. Let’s start with one of my favorite songs:
  4. Song of the Day

  5. Work With Us - Vinyamarket V 0.1

    I'll start with making support beams
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Happy (belated?) B-day War!
  7. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Thank you for the shiny that shines!
  8. Random Facts Thread

    That's way too much trouble and time consuming for you, so never mind that. If there are any links you have I would be happy to check them out. Otherwise I'll wait till those papers get widely known
  9. Random Facts Thread

    Yes I believe you only meant the heavy elements produced by the extreme gravitational forces from the supernova event itself rather than the lighter elements produced by the nuclear reactions from the star that were already created before the supernova event. Still the supernova event will have to happen to spread the atoms so they can eventually form nebulae which in time will form new stars and planets. Interesting for sure, but before I'll make this into an astrophysicists thread, I'm gonna stop and say you can always send me a pm with those theories if you want. As for a random fact of my own: Molecules we breathe are redistributed evenly in our atmosphere within a number of centuries. Every breath you take (?) has been associated with another living organism. It could even be possible that you breathe some of the same molecules Julius Caesar breathed.
  10. Random Facts Thread

    Yea, and not only the most heavy elements like jewelry come from supernova explosions. Great parts of our own bodies and most things on earth (including the earth) are made from stardust also. We are just 'borrowing' the necessary atoms for our bodies and after we die, something else will use those same atoms again. Recycling at its best.
  11. Moonlight Castle History WiP

    Much love for this one
  12. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    So much awesomeness! Thank you for the prize!
  13. Mini giveaway - ended

    Thanks for the giveaway!