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  1. The Who's Who

    Good evening everyone, Please use this thread to tell us who you are, what your village name/s are and who your alts are. It will make it easier for us to keep track of who is who. Also feel free to tell us what you can do if you like. Might help boost your business for all you know.
  2. Uniques and Champs

    Hey good people, I have noticed that there are a few Uniques on Xanadu but there is never any chat about them. This leads me to believe that they are more than likely penned up in a mine somewhere on someone's deed. We can use this spot to talk about them, plan slayings and maybe even track down these fierce beasts and either kill them as a group or capture them ourselves. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. First noob question

    This board needs a topic, so here goes. I have a noob question. Addy, Glimmersteel and Seryll are on Epic right?
  4. Hail to the Queen!!!


    I am unable to send you a PM coz I get a message saying I'm only allowed to send 0 Messages every day xD

    I just wanna say if you head over to where my deed is/was help yourself to anything that is there, I don't even know if it's standing anymore.

    There was a rare forge and such over there, oh and lots of horses with good traits. 

    If you don't want it you can post it in the alliance chat let someone else take what they want/need :) rather than stuff wasting away


  5. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Best of luck to everyone P.S. Don't take this as a reply to the topic
  6. Song of the Day

    Happy Sunday everybody
  7. Expansion Ideas

    Can I please second WoW my Girlfriend only plays wow and thus I have not had a chance for any Wurm at all :'( I miss you guys so much.
  8. Hi all, I thought I would share my knowledge with you guys of how to easily skill Defensive Fighting. I would recommend doing this with good plate armor and make sure you have a priest that can heal you every half an hour or so or carry some cotton. This is also a really good way to skill Shield skills. First you will need a training pen. This is the most common design. Now fill the pens with foal horses as explained above. (If you need you can buy horsies from either Yldrania or Luttuosa) Then to start your training you unequip your weapon and equip your shield and armor then enter the 3x2 pen. Target and attack each foal once so that they agro on you and start attacking you. Now target and attack the single foal in the opposite 1x2 pen. Always make sure you target the single foal in the 1x2 pen. In doing this your character will try to hit the single foal but will fail because the target is too far away and behind a fence, but all the agro foals around you still attack you but take no damage from you as you are not hitting them. Which means you get skill ticks for every hit you take but deal no damage to your baby horsies. Keep an eye on your stamina and the many very light wounds you will receive and step out of the pen and heal when required. Just remember every time you re-enter the pen you have to do the process again. I hope this helps you guys who want to skill some Defensive Fighting and Shield skills. Happy Skilling
  9. Random Facts Thread

    102 you say? Hmmm I wonder ... *Looks at profile pic*
  10. Random Facts Thread

  11. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    You could do that yes would be much appreciated.
  12. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    WooHoo!!! I got a shiney
  13. Random Facts Thread

    Maybe that's what I've been missing all these years
  14. #1 - The Tiny Marbler [COMPLETED]

    Nice Story
  15. Song of the Day

    And with that last addition from Birdwatcher everyone in the store is looking at me like there is something majorly wrong with me
  16. Random Facts Thread

    You will never take their Unicorn's Freedom!!!
  17. Song of the Day

    Thread Hijacked
  18. Random Facts Thread

    The song "I will always love you" that made Whitney Houston a hit was actually written and originally performed by Dolly Parton
  19. Random Facts Thread

    Ancient Greeks thought gingers were vampires
  20. Song of the Day

    Very sorry but I feel this is the only song that deserves song of the day seeing that today is, in fact, the 6th of June.
  21. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Sent Enjoy
  22. [CLOSED] 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    My hand print won't fit here... Also I got a prize for you that you can add mentioned it in the past dunno if you still want it.
  23. Random Facts Thread

    I need one of these people
  24. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [20:47:07] You fall into a trance. If you could become best in the world at anything, what would that be? Personally, I would like to be the best Psychologist
  25. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [09:45:18] You fall into a trance. You wonder how far you can go.