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  1. Hail to the Queen!!!


    I am unable to send you a PM coz I get a message saying I'm only allowed to send 0 Messages every day xD

    I just wanna say if you head over to where my deed is/was help yourself to anything that is there, I don't even know if it's standing anymore.

    There was a rare forge and such over there, oh and lots of horses with good traits. 

    If you don't want it you can post it in the alliance chat let someone else take what they want/need :) rather than stuff wasting away


  2. Random Facts Thread

    Harry Houdini could pick up pins with his eyelashes and thread a needle with his toes.
  3. Welcome to our 9 month alliance anniversary! A lot has happened since our launch and we're here to celebrate it with great prizes for our members! 1st Prize Demon HOTA Statue 2nd Prize Set of Rare Fruit Press & Rare Cheese Drill 3rd Prize Rare Forge 4th Prize Rare Unfinished Open Fireplace 5th Prize Old Jenn Kellon Flag Donations still provided to us now are going to be saved for future events and giveaways. In order to join, you must be a part of our alliance. To sign up for this giveaway, please comment on this post to have your name entered in the draw! You may sign up until September 30! The winners will be announced October 1st. Prizes sponsored by Yldrania.
  4. We are postponing this event by 3 months due to me being sick, so signing up is open again! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be adding extra prizes to make up for the waiting time!
  5. Signing up is now closed. Contest preparations are going to start. I will notify each participating mayor of the time I will visit their deeds.
  6. Random Facts Thread

    U.S. television networks allow alcohol to be advertised as long as no one in the commercial is actually drinking it.
  7. Movies On YouTube - Something To Do On Wurm

    New horror - VERY weird horror - Name: XX (2017)
  8. Alliance Chat Quotes

    [11:57:10] <Demonqueen> [11:56:07] The light leaves you. [11:57:16] <Demonqueen> Seems I'm with the dark side now.
  9. Pickup Time!

    @Flubb Done!
  10. Pickup Time!

    Today and tomorrow night is time for the Vinyamarket pickups. I'll be doing nothing but sailing to pick up new stock! Snowtech - DONE Julietta - Flubb - DONE Flubb - DONE
  11. Random Facts Thread

    Lack of sleep may shrink your brain.
  12. Achievement Screenshots Thread

    That's how it should be!
  13. The ShadowFly Alliance

    Updated, finally after months LOL
  14. Alliance Chat Quotes

    [01:17:27] <Xallo> [18:17:34] After you finish drinking you will start thinking. [01:30:56] <Bloodscythe> that's how i make all my decisions
  15. Movies On YouTube - Something To Do On Wurm

    Let's throw in a documentary there