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      Due to the extreme costs of creating our alliance capital, we are hoping for some support from the community to help fund it. Even if it's just 5 dollars a month, every little bit would help tremendously. Check out our Patreon page for special rewards for those who donate! https://www.patreon.com/psisphere


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    We need some more randomness on this forum - let's start with this one. Feel free to make other threads if you have ideas for further randomness. Since, I'm German, let's start with something appropriate AF: Hitler’s mother considered abortion but the doctor persuaded her to keep the baby.
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    Due to our quick growth and merge with another alliance, we are looking for a second alliance manager next to Warlander and our leader Yldrania. Responsibilities include recruiting, keeping an eye on the alliance, maintaining order and dedicating some of your time to aiding the alliance and its growth in other ways, such as using our forums, facebook group or contributing to projects. You will receive a detailed mail from Yldrania upon being accepted for the position. If you'd like to apply to be an alliance manager for our Xanadu alliance, please send a PM to me here with your application and/or any questions you might have.
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    The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.
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    Ancient Greeks thought gingers were vampires
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    Our Glorious Alliance Capital Under Construction The following post is JUST for the capital deed Vinyamar, not for any of the associated side deeds. Monetary Donations While no donations to the deed are required of anyone, since it is going to be our alliance capital and it will be run as a marketplace and attraction as well as for the support of all alliance members, I will post this one time about monetary donations. These donations will go solely to the EXPANSION of the deed to its final size and the immense UPKEEP cost afterwards. Currently the deed size is 50x100. The final size should be a little more than triple that. I do not have an endless period of time to expand, since I'll begin construction of mission items such as spirit gates, which will prevent any further resizing of the deed (larger or smaller) once they are on the deed. Due to this time restriction and the price for expansion, I will mention the monetary requirements for said expansion here in hopes of receiving some support. Therefore, if you have any spare cash, silver or euros, that you'd like to contribute to our alliance capital, I would like to encourage you to please do so. For Euros (or other currencies) you can use the Donations sidebar right here on our forums to make a community donation of any amount between 5 and 250 euros. For Silver you can contact me directly and I will CoD you something for the amount of silver you would like to donate. The Base Materials Required While I will sooner or later finish the material creation myself, with the amounts requried I definitely appreciate donations. I will of course come to pick up any donations from any coastal location. This list is of the current deed design, which means that it is not a complete list. More materials than listed WILL be required. Brass Lump x 10.000 Bronze Lump x 3.000 Clay x 54.000 Colossus Brick x 20.000 Dirt x 250.000 Gold Lump x 10.000 Iron Lump x 100.000 Mortar x 443.000 Planks x 500.000 Stone Brick x 480.000 Support Beam 5.000 Wood Log x 200.000 I accept donations of ANY rares - materials or items for making our deed shiny. I accept donations of ANY animals that we can get to the deed for breeding. I accept donations of ANY mission items (spirit gates, pylons, etc.) to make our deed special. What the frick are we doing this for??? I am currently working on this deed with 8 high-end characters as well as 3 bulk makers and a priest of every god. The point of this is to set us apart from others and establish a marketplace and deed that is unequaled in this game. I want to be able to supply alliance members at discounted prices, and have a place where we can all come together for events and tournaments; a place where we can sell our goods and will be able to do so because a lot of people come by to see our deed. This will be the evil-elven heaven of Wurm and the basis for an unusual, amazing occurrence called "The Shadowfly Effect"
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    Ah, you don't have to worry about any of that. It's very much alright to joke, flirt, mess around or even get angry or insulting at times - all within the right boundaries of course. In Phoenix's direct case, him and I have a long history - almost 5 years - and used to be very good friends so I can't say I'm very objective on this particular case. We've been having a lot of issues lately, I've been having a rough time and he's been acting very insulting, angry and inappropriate towards me for a while - at times ignoring me for weeks on end, then again saying sorry, then snapping and ranting, and today I've hit my limits on patience with him after once again being told "fuck you", "never contact me again" and "go fuck yourself" for the 1000th time for absolutely no reason just because he was having a bad day and a problem with a completely harmless comment I made. That's the type of behavior I just don't need around me, and I don't want in my community - not from a new member and not from an old friend. So in short: Inappropriate behavior is either extremely excessive or prolonged inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards me or any other member of the community.
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    As the world falls into darkness, creatures of unknown horrors invade our lands. As if they had all been called to rise at the same time, they strike the world of man from every side, taking thousands of lives each day on their march to conquer everything. Their will to rule is only exceeded by their desire to spread terror and inflict cruelty upon those they deem unworthy and powerless. Within days, the dark hordes damn many armies, slaughtering everyone they encounter whether they oppose them or not. One by one, the kingdoms of man fall to the never-ending spawn of evil that smites the lands. Soon, evil has overrun all but one kingdom of man and must now face them and each other in their continued effort to rule the world. After an invasion of evil creatures, the world is shattered. A variety of creatures have infested the kingdoms, forming their own armies among their own kind, facing each other and everyone around them. A single group of humans has managed to last despite the devastating occurrences around them. Fight as one of them to win back the world for mankind, or spawn as one of the unknown terrors and smite the lands as one of the spawns of evil. Lead humans or monsters to victory and condemn everyone in your way on a unique journey through the horrifying world of what is now called The Black Lands. Enter The Black Lands - a unique game world based on our beloved home but turned into devastating ruins and sights of horror. Enjoy a variety of different creatures to fight. Some races you may know from tales and legends, others you may encounter for the first time. Choose between fighting the fight of the good-hearted knight or the bloodthirsty monsters. Live, or spawn as something that will never be truly alive. Admire the unique models, designs and experiences that come with this full conversion mod. Nothing is the way you remember. Make your way through a unique main quest line depending on your character creation choices. There IS, in fact, a final goal other than ruling the world... or is there? Utilize new weaponry, mounts and possibilities in this unique Mount&Blade experience. Choose your own path! Follow the quests, choose your battles or make your own story. Everything is possible! Immerse yourself in this terrorized world with our fully custom soundtrack, sound effects and a completely new experience. Currently In Progress AJBlack - PSI Development Coordinator Yldrania - Web Development & 2D Art Designer Nyenna - Programmer Writers - Help us write unique quest lines and make up the lore behind our unique world. Sound Designers - For unique sound effects to support a unique experience. Composers - If you've ever wanted to compose medieval thrilling tracks, this is your chance. Programmers - Help us turn our ideas into a real mod by taking on different programming tasks and responsibilities - alone or with other programmers. 3D Designers - Make new unique models for our game and/or modify existing ones. Concept Artists - Help us bring our lore to life with your take on what things look like. Voice Actors - There is nothing better than to make people scream? Join us and help us create an environment with realistic voices. We are currently in the pre-preparation phase. This means we are establishing a base team for our mod, discussing responsibilities, coming up with the concept and starting our work as well as possible given the game this mod is for has not yet been released. We will work on whatever possible until the release and jump right into the real development with all the resources we have established by then as soon as it becomes possible.
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    Since my villagers and I have decided to permanently move to Xanadu from Independence, we are going to build a new castle to live in. It will be slightly smaller than our old deed, Muspellsheimr, but much better because it will actually be designed with multistory and bridge functionality in mind. The current size of the actual walled castle itself is 21x15, with a roughly 8x12 farm space on a lower tier. I plan on having both a tunnel/road system to the northern coast, as well as a tunnel/road system up and back down the ridge to the south towards Vrock Landing. CURRENT STATUS Planning: COMPLETE (except Courtyard) Material Gathering: IN PROGRESS Road Construction: IN PROGRESS Terraforming + Mining: IN PROGRESS Building: NOT STARTED Furnishing: NOT STARTED DEEDPLANNER DESIGN Main Entrance: Courtyard: Overview: Overview from Ridge (the ocean is ahead to the right, and there's a valley far down to the left): Overview: Will be eagerly posting updates!
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    Some pics of today's Rift on Xanadu And.... Get off my surface area!
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    Well, I'm an astrophysicists, so I have an intresting fact for you. Every piece of gold, silvers, all your jewelry at all comes from dying stars. You're literally wearing echo and parts from very last moments of a star's life.
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    Hello fellow alliance members. Isabelli has created an entertainment district near broken woods and lemon grove we will offer catapult contest and pet sparing and also a top secret project still in the works. For right now we are putting together the catapult contest to test your skills and win some prizes. We where hoping to set up the first contest Thursday May 11th. as most of our members are UK based i need to know what a good time is for the most people to attend. Also we would like the alliance leader to throw ceremonial 1st throw! also we will be giving away 3 prizes to the winners who can get it closest to the center with 3 shots. Prizes will be announced next week before the contest begins. If you would like to make the trip and have some fun comment below. Isabelli and Lightedshadows
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    Vinyamar has been expanded 20 more tiles East after Ocean View finally got disbanded. Upkeep has reached rather high levels now, so any support with upkeep is greatly appreciated. I've decided to expand Vinyamar over Taras and Tol Turgon in the future to create an even larger deed, but this will be extremely costly and far in the future.
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    Botting again today Due to my internet problems after the switch I had to keep him offline for a few days.
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    Added Mathob for today's trolling and scam of Tuanta when buying his deed The Sand Castle. The deed wasn't completely paid for but Tuanta trusted him with the writ anyways, and 24 hours later the deed disbanded... meaning he instantly disbanded it for the silver from the coffers. [17:21:45] The settlement of The Sand Castle has just been disbanded by Mathob. [17:21:45] The Sand Castle has left the ShadowFly Alliance. Log from the Wurm forums by Tuanta (Saicotic):
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    I figured it might be about time to plan ahead for when Giveaways can be held for this alliance in the future, so here my ideas. Here's the explanations for colors: BOLD: Upcoming Event STRIKETHROUGH: Event is over Gray: Event is Over Violet: Mini-Event Green: Decent Size Event Red: Important & Large Event Gold: Giveaway with money prices such as silver or euros. Teal: An organized celebration. Here's the explanations for the symbols: ✔ = Click on this symbol to get the link to the giveaway's topic here on the forums. ? - Giveaway Will Include Items for Prizes ? - Giveaway will include a celebration ? - Giveaway will include monetary prizes - ingame or real life currency ? - Giveaway will include service prizes ☸ - All Prizes will be delivered to the winner ⚔ - Some Prizes must be won through a competition 유 - Member Donations are appreciated and accepted for this giveaway. This is our first year as an alliance together - and I feel every step of that should be celebrated: 3 Month Anniversary Giveaway (01.03.2017) (Kinda screwed up on the month there) ✔ 3 Month Real Anniversary Giveaway (01.04.2017) ✔ 6 Month Anniversary Giveaway (01.07.2017) ✔ 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway (01.10.2017) ??☸유 12 Month Anniversary Giveaway (01.01.2018) ??⚔유 Due to the amount of giveaways we will have for our first year while we're still building up, there will be no giveaways outside of the anniversary ones. Plan for our second year together: 2018 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway (01.01.2018) ??⚔유 International Worker's Day Celebration Giveaway (01.05.2018) ??⚔ 18 Month Anniversary Giveaway (01.07.2018) ??☸유 Christmas 2018 Giveaway (25.12.2018) ??☸유 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway (01.01.2019) ??⚔유 Working on the plan for our third year together still What do you think? Anything I've missed that might be important?
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    I'm not as lazy as people make it seem!
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    Here's a list of all the people who have donated to our community Thank you to all the donators! Paraskron - 25 € Dalrok - 15 € Burdok - 10 $ Service Donations: Jpro - 1 Gold (100 €) (Building Shadowfly Shore)
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    A lot of terraforming and surface mining going on here
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    Made for Egard and his deed Birchwood Troll Mound.
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    What's interesting in that eclipse is that the small moon is outside the orbit of the big one but never strays further than the diameter of the big moon from the sun... how strange! Thought I'd better post a screenshot as well
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    Hey, My Latest Screen was used for the latest Wurm update! OMG OMG OMG
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    How to build a rowboat Hi everyone! I am about to teach you the secrets to building a rowboat, the most basic of ships/boats in the world of Wurm but essential in your journey of becoming a master shipbuilder. Step 1: Get Wood To start off on your journey, you must channel your inner eco-terrorist. Go to your nearest un-deeded forest or the trees on your own deed, open your inventory and double left-click your hatchet to activate it. You could use your saw but cutting down a tree or cutting a felled tree into smaller pieces damages your saw unnecessarily so we will stick to the lumberjack’s trusty tool, the hatchet. Selecting the tree you want to chop is also important, go to a tree and examine it. You want old or very old trees since they supply the most wood. And do not worry about what tree it is, the woods can mix. But for safety purposes, try not to murder all birch or maple or etc. trees from the forest. You might need that particular type of tree later so balance it out nicely. Due to my OCD I prefer to use the same type of tree for my entire boat. You will need about 6-7 trees in total. Right click the appropriate tree with your hatchet being activated and select chop. Now get chopping. Step 2: Preparation Now that you have successfully murdered some trees it’s time to mutilate the corpses. Chop all but 3 trees into logs. You will need 3 felled trees of approximate 90 weight. It may be more but not less. If the felled tree is too heavy to pick up then chop it once and try again. If it was still too heavy then simply repeat the process until it fits in your pocket. Don’t worry, pants in Wurm are made to stretch. I assume its common logic to build your boat close to the shore. If it wasn’t for you then perhaps consider playing minecraft instead or maybe candy crush. Transport all wood to the construction site and dump it down. Pick up one log and activate your carving knife. Then right click the log, hover over create, then hover over construction material and click on shaft. The process might fail but just keep going until you have 7 shafts. Then right click the shaft, shift through the menus again and create a Peg. You’ll need 70 Pegs so…good luck. And the endless preparation continues. With your carving knife activated, pick up some logs, right click them and create some Tenons. You will need 60 of them. You’re not done yet though. Now you will need to activate your saw (yes saw this time not hatchet) and again grab some logs, right click them and create Hull Planks. 61 of those. Patience still good? Keyboard not smashed? If your answer was yes to those then good job. If not…again…minecraft. Now you’ll create some seats. With your saw activated, right click a log and create a seat. 4 will suffice. Now to make the means through which the boat shall move. The Oars. Same as the seats, with an activated saw, right click a log and make 2 Oars. You will need to make a mooring rope as well for which you will need a Rope Tool which is not a starter item and thus needs to be made which isn’t as easy as it sounds. For 1 Rope Tool you’ll need 1 Plank, 1 Shaft and 3 Large Nails. 1 Mooring Rope is enough. Activate the Rope Tool and right click the wemp fibre which can be made from wemp plants which can be found through foraging. Lots of work for one measly rope eh. Also you’ll need 10 Tar which can be gotten from a tar pit so you’ll need to find one of those or call a friend. So now we get back to the 3 felled trees which I hope you haven’t gone and chopped up completely. Activate your hatchet again (Saw doesn’t work) then right click the felled tree that’s in your inventory and create a Keel Section. Make 3 and you are done with all preparations. So to recap, here is everything you need to build this boat: 2x Oar 1x Mooring rope 70x Peg (20x for stern) 60x Tenon (10x for stern) 61x Hull plank (11x for stern) 10x Tar 4x Seat 3x Keel section Part 3: Inner Peace Okay so now you’ll need to go sit atop a mountain and discover your inner most peace because the actual construction of the boat requires high levels of patience. Part 4: Oh Sweet Mother of Mercy Why!? Now you need to build a stern. Not like the look you are giving this page right now. I mean the front of the boat. The Stern uses 11 Hull Planks, 10 Tenons and 20 Pegs of the ones you created earlier. Activate a Tenon by double clicking it in your inventory, then right click a Hull Plank and create a Stern. Drop the stern and start adding the rest of the components. Keep going until all parts of the Stern are attached without throwing your mouse at all the failed attempts. Once the stern is made it time for the actual boat. Double click a Keel Section and right click another Keel Section and create a Rowboat. I know that small sailing ship looks tempting but don’t click on it. Then the same as the stern, you start adding all the other components. ALL of them. Yeah…May the force be with you. Okay just in case, once everything is added and you’re looking at the Stern that is sitting apart from your boat, go pick it up, and attach it like you did EVERYTHING else. Part 5: SO CLOSE! Okay now that your boat is built, don’t be an idiot like me and embark it on land, trust me you won’t get far. Drag it to the water, if that doesn’t work then just push it close and then drag it in. Again don’t be an idiot like me and push it all the way into the water otherwise it will imitate its origins and stand upright like a tree in the water. Part 6: Welcome aboard Captain Right click your boat (that’s hopefully floating in the water) and select Embark as Commander. Then sail off in search of adventures, true love and get lost every few minutes. oung Shipbuilder!YEnjoy BloodPhoenix the Noobmaster
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    When having conversations with different members of the community, different ideas and desires for future expansions of this community to other ideas have emerged and I would like to capture them in this thread. If you have a desire for something you think we should do in terms of expansion - a new project, or a new game we should expand to - post about it here, or comment on existing ideas! List of Games We Will Eventually Expand To: Wurm Online Mount&Blade: Bannerlord Guild Wars 2 Wurm Online Xanadu Alliance & Vinyamar Alliance Capital - IN PROGRESS Epic PMK Chaos PMK Mount&Blade: Bannerlord Clan Modding Community Clan Server Training Server Guild Wars 2 Guild Guild Hall PvP Arena List of Games That Have Been Suggested For Expansion: World of Warcraft Mount&Blade: Warband Guild Wars (1) Minecraft EVE Online War Thunder Path of Exile Goodgame Empire
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    This thread is to capture the awesomness of our alliance..... or just post random stuff that is said in Alli chat haha. Let me get us started: [20:21:39] <Lightedshadows> You have a new neighbor Burdok [20:21:48] <Burdok> another one? [20:21:58] <Isabelli> yea ME HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Niru - nealhicks@gmail.com - Revoked Transactions, Scammer! Mathob - Bought deed & Disbanded it without paying its full price, Scammer & Troll! Coolmanchris - Attempted Scam & Attempted Exploit Banned From Our Community Bloodphoenix - May Never Rejoin. Reason: Inappropriate Behavior Colors of the Names: Green -- Harmless Cyan -- Potentially Harmful Gold -- Harmful Orange -- Dangerous Red -- Deadly Comment if you have someone to add. Only serious additions please!
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    WIP of the "trail" so far. It for the most part goes to the top. Entrance from the highway: Going up...: And up.....: And more up......: Down and back up, will probably make a bridge here: Some switchback that we found and will either use, or scrap and make a bridge instead: A desert!: Up the ridge: The view is getting nice....: Nicer....: And nicer....: Awesome ridge-line views!: A view of the trail at night : And, all of that for the view! : To be continued....
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    Hello, I am Alkhadias, Lord of Lunar Temple Complex of Moonlight's Castle, Moonlight's Haven and soon Lunar Embassy and Lunar Academy and owner of Lunar Armory shop as well as old famous Support Beams Factory. You might know me from game's chat, where some calls me Beamer (Because of 12k support beams made for people all around Wurm's world). I've started game [09:29:00] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1006. That's 2613 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes ago. And I made my first steps on Golden Valley yet, then I traveled through all servers except epic. I lived on Golden Valley, Wild/ Chaos, Indi, Deli and finally on Xanadu when i decided to stay for a longer because i fell in love with it's massive. I'm still traveling, hunting, exploring and admiring Xanadu for 3 years already, even now when i don't need any maps anylonger. I've never been so much of a settler, my favourite things in Wum is still traveling and hunting mobs, as well as uniques and helping new met people all around our land. Personally I'm 24 old and I live in Poland. I've studied astrophysics and cosmology, thou now I'm working on Medical University taking care of logistics of researches, experiments and discoveries, seeing and experience everything what takes science and humanity at all forward. New life, death, laboratory experiments, necropsy, undicovered events, whole circle and cases of very human life. Also trying to show and explain all physics behind medicine and medicine equipment. Personally I'm also transhumanists, trying to encourage people this way. My passions are physics, neurobiology, futurism and also slowly trying to get into molecular genetics. Next great passions are civil aviation, military and black metal music, which is also related with my collector's soul, because at this moment I have great collection of 1000+ rare, limited, first press music releases. I also like gaming and beside Wurm I play as well World of Tanks and many other games from Mount and Blade (with I'm related for many, many years, you can even find my in Warband's credits) to Infestation. I've also worked as 3D/ special effects designer. That'll be it.
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    My latest love story...
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    Hi all, Im Sorion/Phailtrain and im a huge fan of castles As i left wurm some times.. its time to stay with a goal and project. Elderstock Castle.. Current state: 6-2-2017 Planned state: 20-2-2017 (without buildings and bridges) More incomming sooooon
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    First progress post from actual Vinyamar! This time: crazy terraforming. Here you can see results of three days of revealing rock, surface mining and digging: Over 1500 units of dirt were used so far, and another 1500 units of rock shards were surface mined. This was the hardest part of the whole terraforming process, most of remaining terrain is mostly limited by just resources and time.
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    [19:50:11] <Sorion> Together we can achieve everything we want thats the power of an alliance!
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    The reason the taste of artificial banana flavouring and artificial banana flavoured products doesn’t taste like bananas is because it is based on a type of banana that was wiped out by a plague in the 1950’s.
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    People can suffer from a psychological disorder called Boanthropy that makes them believe that they are a cow. They try to live their life as a cow.
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    [22:07:51] <Almost> Everyone! Which nostril is more open? Right now? [22:07:58] <Almost> Mine's the right one.
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    To follow up with @Dalrok Cherophobia is the fear of fun.
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    HotA in place, benches done (thanks to Warlander), and some progress on-deed!
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    Access building progress for Taras-ness.
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    Ok I'm out The catapult thing sounds really great though. P.S. Such honors for the leader.
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    Seeing as the completion of Taras-ness is rapidly approaching and the ETA for that is within the next 2 months, I'm looking at the next deeds to be constructed afterwards. In focus is the "living" or "village" deed, on which people who support us on Patreon as well as 11 citizens will be able to live.
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    Let's play a game: CAN YOU SPOT HIM?
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    Well, I had to take a break from Taras-ness building in order to set up the Vinyamar Farm area. 325 tiles of farm that are off-deed between currently existing deeds. They are completely surrounded by tall stone walls (minus a few unremovable stone walls that need to decay before being replaced by tall walls) and an 18-tile corner house that is still missing its roof.
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    Today: The Pretty Reckless
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    Currently working on updating the deed plan for this deed. Here's today's developments ON THE DEED PLANNER
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    [02:03:08] You fall into a trance. You feel like laughing like a donkey.
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    I think if you're a believer of any religion, you will care. If you're an agnostic you might be worried about it since you can't be sure what there is for you after death. If you're an atheist, the answer is simply: No.
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    I'm not sure you can. That was left there from the previous owner of this deed spot. I told Jpro not to move it around since it's made by a Head Game Master who has passed away in 2015.
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    2nd floor of the next building is up. One more floor and the roof to go!