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      Due to the extreme costs of creating our alliance capital, we are hoping for some support from the community to help fund it. Even if it's just 5 dollars a month, every little bit would help tremendously. Check out our Patreon page for special rewards for those who donate! https://www.patreon.com/psisphere


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    Due to our quick growth and merge with another alliance, we are looking for a second alliance manager next to Warlander and our leader Yldrania. Responsibilities include recruiting, keeping an eye on the alliance, maintaining order and dedicating some of your time to aiding the alliance and its growth in other ways, such as using our forums, facebook group or contributing to projects. You will receive a detailed mail from Yldrania upon being accepted for the position. If you'd like to apply to be an alliance manager for our Xanadu alliance, please send a PM to me here with your application and/or any questions you might have.
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    Welcome to our 9 month alliance anniversary! A lot has happened since our launch and we're here to celebrate it with great prizes for our members! 1st Prize Demon HOTA Statue 2nd Prize Set of Rare Fruit Press & Rare Cheese Drill 3rd Prize Rare Forge 4th Prize Rare Unfinished Open Fireplace 5th Prize Old Jenn Kellon Flag Donations still provided to us now are going to be saved for future events and giveaways. In order to join, you must be a part of our alliance. To sign up for this giveaway, please comment on this post to have your name entered in the draw! You may sign up until September 30! The winners will be announced October 1st. Prizes sponsored by Yldrania.
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    When having conversations with different members of the community, different ideas and desires for future expansions of this community to other ideas have emerged and I would like to capture them in this thread. If you have a desire for something you think we should do in terms of expansion - a new project, or a new game we should expand to - post about it here, or comment on existing ideas! List of Games We Will Eventually Expand To: Wurm Online Mount&Blade: Bannerlord Guild Wars 2 Wurm Online Xanadu Alliance & Vinyamar Alliance Capital - IN PROGRESS Epic PMK Chaos PMK Mount&Blade: Bannerlord Clan Modding Community Clan Server Training Server Guild Wars 2 Guild Guild Hall PvP Arena List of Games That Have Been Suggested For Expansion: World of Warcraft Mount&Blade: Warband Guild Wars (1) Minecraft EVE Online War Thunder Path of Exile Goodgame Empire
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    We are postponing this event by 3 months due to me being sick, so signing up is open again! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be adding extra prizes to make up for the waiting time!
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    The mod development is now public. Follow our development progress here! http://www.indiedb.com/mods/mount-blade-shadowlord
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    Can I please second WoW my Girlfriend only plays wow and thus I have not had a chance for any Wurm at all :'( I miss you guys so much.
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    Signing up is now closed. Contest preparations are going to start. I will notify each participating mayor of the time I will visit their deeds.