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    In the early stages of its development, Half-Life 2 featured a friendly alien that would follow Gordon Freeman around, feasting on the bodies of his fallen enemies. It was taken out when Valve discovered that the AI would be too difficult to convincingly program.
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    "Workers and Warehouses is a farout tool." Got some time to kill, so I thought I could just present what I have so far regarding this topic. Based on my ideas here I recycled an old project into a more streamlined approach that I'm currently hosting on my server: (No, I don't have a domain, never saw the need for this little workshop server.) Nothing much on the startpage, as all information are hidden away between membership and permissions. This is what a supplier would see: I can list my products with quality, pricing (per) unit, the available amount etc. Changing to negative amount will delete the product. A trader would see a list of suppleirs and their current requisitions, or they can view the same page as above with a different set of options (and obviously none to lsit new products). Nothing here yet, let's click this "Flubb" thing and see what they have. (Also you can set up your X and Y coordinates in your profile so that "Map link" points you right to that position on Xanadu on wurmonlinemaps.com) I want 500 of those bricks, so entering that amount... "Trader" is the display name of the test account I use to illustrate this. That means suppleirs and traders know who is interested in a particular product. A trader can change their requested amount, as a supplier I can only confirm a certain amount: It defaults to the requested amount because we are nice to eachother, but if I could only give 300 right now, for instance because someone more important wanted 1200 bricks, I could enter that instead. For now, I'll be nice and confirm all of those. What would happen ingame now is that I put 500 bricks out into my trader pickup house where "Trader" has permission to pick them up. Notice that with 500 bricks confirmed for "Trader", they are subtracted fro mthe pool of available bricks, which are now only 1000. The same amount is deducted from the requested amount. Finally, "Trader" comes along after seing his stuff is ready for pickup, gets it ingame and confirms the pickup: If for any reason "Trader" didn't have enough space for 2 crates, he could jsut pick up 1 crate and overwrite the 500 with a 300. Again, it defaulted to the 500 because we assume Trader is properly prepared for the amounts they requested. Confirming the pickup of all 500 bricks, they are finally off the requisition list. They should probably go into the "Products" tab after that, which is supposed to be the traders "warehouse" listing all the stuff they picked up at some point have still stored. This isn't implemented yet because before I go on with this, I'd liek to hear some feedback on what you think, would other suppliers use this to let Yldranaia know what to get and where and would Yldrania prefer this over a spreadsheet? (After I implemented the "Products" tab, of course. I wasn't sure what to name that at the time, "Warehouse" might be better, as it would represent the contents of your warehouse in Vynamar, kinda) You can register as you please, the mail address would be only for whenever I could be arsed to implement notifications and more config options in the profile. Without being assigned a trader or supplier, you won't be able to do anything but change the rudimentary info in your profile, so if you sign up let me know to make you either a trader or suppliers, either ingame or via post/PM here. For those who want to supply their products anonymously,: No one but traders can see suppliers here, other suppliers won't know of you competing with them.