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  1. Yesterday
  2. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Ello Mate, I guess you lured me in.
  3. The Who's Who

    hi I came over with the Alliance merger (from Lemosa) I am from germany so, my Chars: Paraskron: will be one day a (fine/Ship) carpenter, is citizen of Mag Mell, (chats often in Village Chat) Yaraskron: Deed owner (Mag Mell Docks, P9), also tries to learn mansonry and paving, (chats mostly in Alliance Chat) I sometimes play both together - two monitors using - mainly if I do Mining or leveling... Projects: the Deed Mag Mell Docks still needs lots of work - also skilling wood stuff with Para and making stuff for others Also eager to be of use in/for the alliance
  4. Expansion Ideas

    Can't confirm clearer voice comms. I use Opus on my TS and it blows Discord out of the water quality wise, and feedback depends more on the user configuration than the program itself. Discord also uses 3 times the RAM that TeamSpeak does when I open both up, and is comparably slow to start. You'd have to be more specific abotu "more user friendly" aswell, because I cannot think of how TS could be simpler to use(As opposed to the bloated UI of Discord). Except for the massive permission system, which is more of a question of "admin friendly". Discord has its place if you really want to use all the added functionality, but if you want simple voice comm TS is the way to go.
  5. Expansion Ideas

    I think the main reason we use TS3 over Discord is that Discord completely fails when lots of rooms and complex permissions are needed - it's good for basic communication and smaller groups, but isn't really performing well when there is a need for many rooms and different user groups. So far we don't really need many permission settings and groups, but this will slowly change over time.
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Oh yes, I learned that the hard way, too. Made me hate mountains, that's why I enjoy beating them up. (The more natural looking slopes in the back left somewhat indicate the original shape of the hillside)
  7. Last week
  8. Expansion Ideas

    the main reason for discord is becuase it has integrated webhooks, free phone app, clearer voice comms with NO feedback from multiple users talking at once, better notification options, lower ram usage, and still offers everything that ts has... @everyone aged sol demon raises the settlement alarm! delivered to my phone via discord moments after it happened Edit: Follow me to the dark side and ill show you the way of the discord (pm me and ill hook you up with an invite to my private discord and show you all the cool "magic-good" stuff it can do)
  9. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Yay! A giveaway!! Im in!!
  10. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    oooh, HOTA statue...I'm in. don't really need another rare cheese drill and fruit press though, I'm starting to have too many of them.
  11. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Im in, Dyf as well
  12. Expansion Ideas

    Seems like a great idea. I look forward to working with people from other servers on making this a cross-server alliance. Not without reason has Teamspeak been chosen over discord. I doubt Yldrania would stray from that one.
  13. Pickup Time!

    is this where we are supposed to post our best pickup lines?
  14. Follower conversions @ Fortress of Death on indy: Vynora Magranon Fo Nathan Smeagain Nahjo Paaweelr Priest Conversions @ Fortress of Death on indy: Nathan Paaweelr Nahjo Smeagain
  15. The Who's Who

    Reaping : i have no skills, but i can make you 70ql of anything but boats and weapons Priests: paa, paa battery, nahjo, nathan, smeagain. Alts: Evilreaper(smith alt), Franky(storage alt), Grimreaping(epic) Deed: Fortress of Death on independance Current projects: too many to list but the most important would be the massive Colosseum attraction im prepping to build on indy
  16. #1 - The Tiny Marbler [COMPLETED]

    damn wish this quest was still going i have like 5k marble... and like 15 marble veins....
  17. Comic Cons 2017

    https://imgur.com/a/4hY9F harley quinn and the joker from this year
  18. Uniques and Champs

    90% of those uniques are so old, they would've died of old age by now
  19. Let's Answer Those Trance Questions!

    [08:37:20] You fall into a trance. What is the smallest thing you can do that has effect on another person? /me looks down....
  20. Introductions thread

    I am Reaping / Evilreaper, born on chaos, and i started out as a Smith on Evilreaper and a Libila priest on Reaping. I joined Black Legion a couple months after starting wurm due to being harrassed nonstop by the Empire of Mol Rehan lol. Eventually i started gathering fellow hots noobs and returned to my roots as a hots player because black legion was quite inactive and EXTREMELY slow on allowing new people to join the kingdom. So me and my new found hots friends started building a network of campsites and tunnels to connect them to evade our EMR oppressors lol. and eventually we decided to create a pmk so we went to freedom to recruit! starting on deliverance and eventually moving to indy where we finally settled and founded fortress of death. Eventually we expanded enough and went back to chaos and founded Carnival of Xtermination (a hots deed) and eventually formed a pmk (Dreadnaught Dynasty) which turned out major fail because we allowed anyone to enter the kingdom and we had alot of inward fighting and backstabbing lol. Then we sold the crown and deed and moved on to join Crusaders. Outside of wurm, my name is William and i am an alcoholic... i work as a diesel mechanic full time, and own my own side business building ridiculous engines for street-rods and muscle-cars. I am married to my best friend and buisness partner Jennie and she not only cooks me dinner, but also changes the oil / clutches in our project cars lol (we have alot of project cars lol). I have a massive addiction to ugly sleeper race-cars... here is a sweet vid of my race-10 plowing snow in our driveway lol... Race-Truck-Snow-Plow
  21. The Who's Who

    I'm Draygon at Kiwiana in the deep South East, 20 mins ride from Esteron. I have 2 priests, Evalla and Aalta, Nahjo in training. I have a couple of citizens who play regularly called Meatbeater and Foxlight. Meatbeater also had an experienced Vyn. As a deed we can offer skills like Leatherworking, Carp and fine Carp, cloth tailoring, mining, and Plate Smithing, just to name afew. Im currently working on brewing and plan to have made every recipe available and to beable to offer every type of affinity drink. I also offer a b&b long term with no charge lol
  22. 9 Month Anniversary Giveaway

    Me 3, count me in!
  23. The Screenshots Thread

    lol this is why i always turn on climb mode before teleporting \o/ lol
  24. Expansion Ideas

    i also have a suggestion / request possibly a migration from ts3 to discord? as discord is much cooler and user friendly lol
  25. Random Facts Thread

    in indiana (usa) it is illegal for a man to have a woodie in public.
  26. i've found it easiest to to start at the top and mine a floor tile down to get the height you want then just start flattening or leveling floor tiles (with no worries of having to build temp buildings to mine ceilings higher)
  27. First noob question

    these moonmetals are also offered as rewards for participation in rifts on pve servers on freedom
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